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Do it with Style

Style wondered if any of his late heroes left any cool songs unrecorded... They did.
From the author of "Ain't Got No Cigarettes Memories of Music Legend Roger Miller" comes the first of its kind CD project inspired from experiences writing the book... "Cutting Room Floor"

"Outrageously brilliantÖ 5 out of 5 Stars!" Ė Maverick Magazine

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If you are getting married in Winnipeg or anywhere in Manitoba, consider doing it with Style by having Lyle perform a custom marriage ceremony for you. Style is a Manitoba Marriage Commissioner, aka "Justice of the Peace" with well over a decade of experience doing his part to help people live happily forever after. For bookings or more info, contact


Mr. E Style is proud to announce the birth of his 2nd boychild Blake Levon who was born in January 2013. Rumors were flying around the childís name. Style clarified "The idea that I would name my son ĎGangnam Styleí is ridiculous, we never considered that name, ever. His name came from a Hoganís Heroes type of dream I had of a German sergeant yelling [phonetically] ĎBla-keh-Lee-Von-Schteelí, I woke up with it ringing in my head and my wife actually liked the name when I started imitating the German voice from my dream when I woke up. My Ukrainian name is ĎLevkoí, so it kind of fit the Levon thing. Heís a great kid, weíre very grateful and happy to have him."


Style was excited to tell us "My first boychild started kindergarten this year. Itís an emotional thing to walk a child to the bus stop for the first time.

Tears built up as I watched him go on the bus until I heard the bus driver say to him ĎSay goodbye to your Grandpaí."

Itís been a year now since we lost the great Bill Dees. "I donít go a day without thinking of him, I think itís been that way since the day I met him in the mid-90s. It was nice to see his passing written about online by a variety of reputable websites but it did bother me that he wasnít acknowledged in any of the music award shows including the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ceremony. Bill Deesí song he cowrote with Roy Orbison "Oh, Pretty Woman" is arguably the most recognized song in history from the first beat of the song, he should have been given the acknowledgement he deserves." Style then hung up the phone on us.

Bill Dees

Style then called us back, "Sorry about that." When we asked about Bill, he shared a few of his favorite memories. "Bill let me stay with him for months during the time I was working on the Roger Miller book. While in Branson, I got to spend a fair amount of time with Mel Tillis, when he heard I was staying with Bill, he sent an invite for him to come to a show and talked about wanting to co-write with him. We were set up with front row seats and Mel introduced us both to the crowd. The crowd was more excited that Bill was there obviously and Mel asked Bill to go on stage and ended up doing 'Oh, Pretty Woman'. It was a great experience.

Bill Dees & Jimmie Rogers

Around the same period I was lucky enough to meet with the great Jimmie Rodgers who penned one of my favorite tracks ĎItís Overí, made famous by Elvis. As you may recall, Billís second biggest all-time hit with Roy Orbison was also called ĎItís Overí both released in the mid-60s. I was thrilled when Jimmie asked me to bring Bill over to meet him. Here I was lining up the first meeting between two awesome songwriters who had hits both by the title of ĎItís Overí. Really, what are the odds of that happening? I had a lot of amazing experiences, plus a lot of strange ones with Bill Dees. I never met anyone on the planet like him. He really should have been on a reality show although I donít know if people would have believed it was real!"

September 7, at three in the morning, Style woke me up and said "You recording? Country music is dying a slow painful death. In June we lost Don Bowman, a great songwriter and comedian. I think he was the wittiest guy I ever met, when people describe Roger Miller to me, the closest experience Iíve ever had to that were the times I spent with Mr. Bowman. Then this August we lost two of my all-time favorite contributors to the music industry: the great outlaw Tompall Glaser and Cowboy Jack Clement. Iím grateful to both of those guys for their catalogue of work, their impact on the music industry and for the time I got to spend with both of them individually. Iíve written about both of them over the years so I donít want to repeat myself but I have a ton of gratitude for Cowboy Jack playing songs off my Cutting Room Floor CD and for being in and talking about the Roger Miller book I wrote on his awesome radio show. Cowboy Jack had a great thing he would say ĎThe world is full of problems but it has some great foodí. And Tompall was something else, he had a way of wording a story unlike anyone I ever met. Heís also the guy who told Waylon Jennings at his studio "there are no clocks", with that one line, he single handed allowed an artist to create his art without pressure or studio time concerns, and look what became of it." Below is a picture of the infamous Tompall autograph with the name of his biggest hit song mistakenly written "Put Another Log In The Fire" inspiring the one-of-a-kind autograph by Willie Nelson "In The Road Again".


Earlier this year Mindy McCready took her life. Style met up with her when he lived in Vancouver back in the late 90s. "Mindy was a nice person who gave me some career advice, for years I wondered if I did the right thing by not taking any of the advice she gave me. When I heard the way she took herself out, like something out of a dark country song, I realized it was probably best I didnít take that advice. Although Iím sad for her and her family, I feel slightly better about the choices I made."

If Lyle were a building

The only thing dying a slower death than country music appears to be Styleís career due to his back issues from being "accidently" assaulted by an employee at Wal-Mart two years ago. "Iíve been told to pick my battles, but this one chose me. Iíve seen some slight improvements over the last few months but the amount of time and hassles I go through on a daily basis are ridiculous, an epic waste of time all because of some careless employee and a company who never stepped up and did the right thing. Iím happy Target has arrived in Canada." He went on and on but his management made us remove further comments. Kitsalano allowed us to include his closing remark on that topic, "I admire people who have careers that goes nowhere fast instead of ones that goes nowhere very slowly. Iíve been in the biz for over 20 years and look at me, itís sad whatís happened."

At an afternoon show for the Kidney Foundation Fundraiser in April, Lyle shared a story that did not go over well with the crowd about what happened when he took his son swimming to a public pool outside of Winnipeg. He told of how he went up the waterslide with his son and when he looked down at the people in the pool he witnessed a womanís boob fall out of her bathing suit.

"She quickly tucked it back in and looked around to see if anyone saw. I have felt bad ever since that I didnít go up and tell her that I indeed saw her boob because sheíll spend the rest of her life wondering if anyone did. Wondering can be a painful thing."

"I Can Change" is rumored to be the latest project on the goal list of Mr. Style. Itís been overheard that it will be an 18 all original track whistling album which comes as a shock to the staff of Electric Recordings as no one has seen him whistle in public before.

If youíre interested in backing a Style project, he is still sitting on the very solid "Behind Of His Time" CD project featuring some of his best songs he ever wrote including a new one about the love of Salvador Dali and Gala. "I donít feel right going on Kick Starter begging for money, if anyone wants to do a cool project with me that likely wonít make money, contact"

Jonathon Pylypchuk

Style met up with his good friend, the ever talented Jonathon Pylypchuk this summer. There have been whispers of collaboration on an upcoming project but when we asked for more information, we were told that it was not our concern as to what the two may or may not be working on.

Dylan has been a target of a major hack which caused havoc for months. Strangely the hack consistently kept removing the last newsí update regarding the Bob Dylan show/experience that was written about. Many other areas of the site were destroyed as well but the consistent Dylan thing raised a red flag, perhaps a fanatic? Style commented "you learn to dislike people real quick when you come across hackers and online thieves. 2013 was the worst for online experiences Iíve ever had, getting hacked as well as scammed by some con-artists based out of Lithuania. Why they would target me, a guy whoís just trying to make ends meet so I can feed my kids, who in the hell knows? The amount of time and money put into fixing the mess they introduced was a sick, painful lesson. Because of my back issues costing me loss of income, Iíve had to put a lot of my stuff up for sale any by doing that, a person learns that there are no shortage of nuts out there judging others, wasting my time by not showing up to pick something up or just by emailing me to tell me they can buy the same thing cheaper somewhere else in the world. It takes everything I have not to put them in their place but I bite my tongue for the safety of my family. Whomever came up with those Georgia Guidestones is starting to make a lot of sense after interacting with some of the people Iíve had the unfortunate experience to interact with."

Cash Face

On a recent radio interview Style commented one of his biggest regrets was wanting to "find out how that guy met those kidsí mother. Nine years Iíve wasted watching that show every week. I could have used that time to write music but no, the bastards hooked me. Finally this season, they are revealing how that guy met her but I stopped caring after the last awful season finale. I donít have it in me anymore, the How I Met Your Mother people killed the part of me that cared."

Billy Sandord

Style has been making an effort to meet up with old friends when he can. He met up with Billy Sanford, famed session guitar player and touring musician for Don Williams. "I wish I could have been behind Billy Sanfordís eyeballs. He played with Roy Orbison, Elvis and every other big name from the greatest times in Country Music and Rock and Roll. Heís played on countless songs coming up with guitar licks that he forgot he even came up with that other musicians spend years trying to learn how to play. I consider myself real blessed to spend time with him and hear his great stories."

Dwight & Lyle

Don Williams Style also met up with Dwight Yoakam in a stop in Winnipeg and Merle Haggardís crew on the opening of a new tour in Minneapolis.

"Itís important to see these guys when you can. To hear Merle Haggard was reading and enjoying my book is an amazing honor. Heís is an unreal talent that gets better with age, Iíve never heard anyone present words out of their mouth the way he does. He blows me away with his singing."

After some 25 years of shouting requests out at concerts, Style finally had one played. During a gap at the Don Williams show, Style shouted "She Never Knew Me". Don Williams answered "Well, thatís sad man!" An uncomfortable minute of silence went by where Style admitted he felt bad but then Don went into the rarely performed song. "It could have been a studio take, what a voice!" After the clapping he yelled out "Thank you!" and the gentle giant responded with a deep "Youíre welcome". Don Williams always puts on a great show, if you get a chance to see him, you need to go!


Style was seen with his one of his all time favorite people, his Baba who is celebrating her 90th birthday this November.

"Sheís one of the greatest people Iíve ever met, I love that woman. No one can make me laugh and smile like she does. She has a better sense of humor at 90 than most people I know."

Style was recently seen in Saskatchewan for Thanksgiving at the Painted Hand Casino having their Thanksgiving buffet. "I wondered why there was no pumpkin pie or turkey to be found, then, it was pointed out to me that Thanksgiving is not a favorite holiday celebrated by Aboriginal people."

Style recently was invited to attend an "auspicious occasion" but declined, later we found out because of not knowing what "auspicious" meant. Instead, that very day, he went to a numerologist who informed him that had he been born just 72 hours later than he was, he would have achieved success and riches beyond his wildest dreams. At first finding this out, he didnít speak to his mother for a few days but has since looked for other things to do with that information.


Lyle has officially outlived Elvis Presley.

"Iím older than Elvis was when he died and Iíve only achieved the level of success he did up to the moment of him about to open the front door for the first time at Sun Studio in Memphis" Style said as he poured himself three fingers of scotch.

There has been talk that Style is the guy responsible for the coining the "col" text message response when receiving a text message that someone died. "I donít think Iíll make any money off it but Iím happy to be acknowledged for it" he responded in an email.

Cooperstown Dog

Earlier this year it was reported that Celebrity Net Worth estimated Lyle E Style was worth "$1250". Style commented "I wonder how they figured that out? And, shouldnít I be on wanna-be-celebrity net worth? I donít consider myself a celebrity."

The Blake Train

We will end this yearís News with an original Lyle E Style quote that can be used with credit but will likely be stolen:

"The past
is the price you paid
for this moment
so make the most of it."

On behalf of Lyle, his immediate family and select staff of Electric Recordings, all the best to you and yours this Christmas, all-round Holiday Season, in 2014 and always!

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