Winter 2013 Archived News

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Style was excited to tell us "My first boychild started kindergarten this year. It’s an emotional thing to walk a child to the bus stop for the first time.

Tears built up as I watched him go on the bus until I heard the bus driver say to him ‘Say goodbye to your Grandpa’."

Mr. E Style is proud to announce the birth of his 2nd boychild Blake Levon who was born in January 2013. Rumors were flying around the child’s name. Style clarified "The idea that I would name my son ‘Gangnam Style’ is ridiculous, we never considered that name, ever. His name came from a Hogan’s Heroes type of dream I had of a German sergeant yelling [phonetically] ‘Bla-keh-Lee-Von-Schteel’, I woke up with it ringing in my head and my wife actually liked the name when I started imitating the German voice from my dream when I woke up. My Ukrainian name is ‘Levko’, so it kind of fit the Levon thing. He’s a great kid, we’re very grateful and happy to have him." 

Earlier this year Mindy McCready took her life. Style met up with her when he lived in Vancouver back in the late 90s. "Mindy was a nice person who gave me some career advice, for years I wondered if I did the right thing by not taking any of the advice she gave me. When I heard the way she took herself out, like something out of a dark country song, I realized it was probably best I didn’t take that advice. Although I’m sad for her and her family, I feel slightly better about the choices I made."

September 7, at three in the morning, Style woke me up and said "You recording? Country music is dying a slow painful death. In June we lost Don Bowman, a great songwriter and comedian. I think he was the wittiest guy I ever met, when people describe Roger Miller to me, the closest experience I’ve ever had to that were the times I spent with Mr. Bowman. Then this August we lost two of my all-time favorite contributors to the music industry: the great outlaw Tompall Glaser and Cowboy Jack Clement. I’m grateful to both of those guys for their catalogue of work, their impact on the music industry and for the time I got to spend with both of them individually. I’ve written about both of them over the years so I don’t want to repeat myself but I have a ton of gratitude for Cowboy Jack playing songs off my Cutting Room Floor CD and for being in and talking about the Roger Miller book I wrote on his awesome radio show. Cowboy Jack had a great thing he would say ‘The world is full of problems but it has some great food’. And Tompall was something else, he had a way of wording a story unlike anyone I ever met. He’s also the guy who told Waylon Jennings at his studio "there are no clocks", with that one line, he single handed allowed an artist to create his art without pressure or studio time concerns, and look what became of it." Below is a picture of the infamous Tompall autograph with the name of his biggest hit song mistakenly written "Put Another Log In The Fire" inspiring the one-of-a-kind autograph by Willie Nelson "In The Road Again". 

Style then called us back, "Sorry about that." When we asked about Bill, he shared a few of his favorite memories. "Bill let me stay with him for months during the time I was working on the Roger Miller book. While in Branson, I got to spend a fair amount of time with Mel Tillis, when he heard I was staying with Bill, he sent an invite for him to come to a show and talked about wanting to co-write with him. We were set up with front row seats and Mel introduced us both to the crowd. The crowd was more excited that Bill was there obviously and Mel asked Bill to go on stage and ended up doing 'Oh, Pretty Woman'. It was a great experience.


Around the same period I was lucky enough to meet with the great Jimmie Rodgers who penned one of my favorite tracks ‘It’s Over’, made famous by Elvis. As you may recall, Bill’s second biggest all-time hit with Roy Orbison was also called ‘It’s Over’ both released in the mid-60s. I was thrilled when Jimmie asked me to bring Bill over to meet him. Here I was lining up the first meeting between two awesome songwriters who had hits both by the title of ‘It’s Over’. 


Really, what are the odds of that happening? I had a lot of amazing experiences, plus a lot of strange ones with Bill Dees. I never met anyone on the planet like him. He really should have been on a reality show although I don’t know if people would have believed it was real!"

It’s been a year now since we lost the great Bill Dees. "I don’t go a day without thinking of him, I think it’s been that way since the day I met him in the mid-90s. It was nice to see his passing written about online by a variety of reputable websites but it did bother me that he wasn’t acknowledged in any of the music award shows including the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ceremony. Bill Dees’ song he cowrote with Roy Orbison "Oh, Pretty Woman" is arguably the most recognized song in history from the first beat of the song, he should have been given the acknowledgement he deserves." Style then hung up the phone on us.

After some 25 years of shouting requests out at concerts, Style finally had one played. During a gap at the Don Williams show, Style shouted "She Never Knew Me". Don Williams answered "Well, that’s sad man!" An uncomfortable minute of silence went by where Style admitted he felt bad but then Don went into the rarely performed song. "It could have been a studio take, what a voice!" After the clapping he yelled out "Thank you!" and the gentle giant responded with a deep "You’re welcome". Don Williams always puts on a great show, if you get a chance to see him, you need to go! Style was seen with his one of his all time favorite people, his Baba who is celebrating her 90th birthday this November.

"She’s one of the greatest people I’ve ever met, I love that woman. No one can make me laugh and smile like she does. She has a better sense of humor at 90 than most people I know."

Style said "It’s important to see these guys when you can. To hear Merle Haggard was reading and enjoying my book is an amazing honor. He’s is an unreal talent that gets better with age, I’ve never heard anyone present words out of their mouth the way he does. He blows me away with his singing."


Style also met up with Dwight Yoakam in a stop in Winnipeg and Merle Haggard’s crew on the opening of a new tour in Minneapolis.

Style has been making an effort to meet up with old friends when he can. He met up with Billy Sanford, famed session guitar player and touring musician for Don Williams. "I wish I could have been behind Billy Sanford’s eyeballs. He played with Roy Orbison, Elvis and every other big name from the greatest times in Country Music and Rock and Roll. He’s played on countless songs coming up with guitar licks that he forgot he even came up with that other musicians spend years trying to learn how to play. I consider myself real blessed to spend time with him and hear his great stories." 

On a recent radio interview Style commented one of his biggest regrets was wanting to "find out how that guy met those kids’ mother. Nine years I’ve wasted watching that show every week. I could have used that time to write music but no, the bastards hooked me. Finally this season, they are revealing how that guy met her but I stopped caring after the last awful season finale. I don’t have it in me anymore, the How I Met Your Mother people killed the part of me that cared." has been a target of a major hack which caused havoc for months. Strangely the hack consistently kept removing the last news’ update regarding the Bob Dylan show/experience that was written about. Many other areas of the site were destroyed as well but the consistent Dylan thing raised a red flag, perhaps a fanatic? Style commented "you learn to dislike people real quick when you come across hackers and online thieves. 2013 was the worst for online experiences I’ve ever had, getting hacked as well as scammed by some con-artists based out of Lithuania. Why they would target me, a guy who’s just trying to make ends meet so I can feed my kids, who in the hell knows? The amount of time and money put into fixing the mess they introduced was a sick, painful lesson. Because of my back issues costing me loss of income, I’ve had to put a lot of my stuff up for sale any by doing that, a person learns that there are no shortage of nuts out there judging others, wasting my time by not showing up to pick something up or just by emailing me to tell me they can buy the same thing cheaper somewhere else in the world. It takes everything I have not to put them in their place but I bite my tongue for the safety of my family. Whomever came up with those Georgia Guidestones is starting to make a lot of sense after interacting with some of the people I’ve had the unfortunate experience to interact with." 


At an afternoon show for the Kidney Foundation Fundraiser in April, Lyle shared a story that did not go over well with the crowd about what happened when he took his son swimming to a public pool outside of Winnipeg. He told of how he went up the waterslide with his son and when he looked down at the people in the pool he witnessed a woman’s boob fall out of her bathing suit.

"She quickly tucked it back in and looked around to see if anyone saw. I have felt bad ever since that I didn’t go up and tell her that I indeed saw her boob because she’ll spend the rest of her life wondering if anyone did. Wondering can be a painful thing."

"I Can Change" is rumored to be the latest project on the goal list of Mr. Style. It’s been overheard that it will be an 18 all original track whistling album which comes as a shock to the staff of Electric Recordings as no one has seen him whistle in public before.

If you’re interested in backing a Style project, he is still sitting on the very solid "Behind Of His Time" CD project featuring some of his best songs he ever wrote including a new one about the love of Salvador Dali and Gala. "I don’t feel right going on Kick Starter begging for money, if anyone wants to do a cool project with me that likely won’t make money, contact" 


Style met up with his good friend, the ever talented Jonathon Pylypchuk this summer. There have been whispers of collaboration on an upcoming project but when we asked for more information, we were told that it was not our concern as to what the two may or may not be working on.

The only thing dying a slower death than country music appears to be Style’s career due to his back issues from being "accidently" assaulted by an employee at Wal-Mart two years ago. "I’ve been told to pick my battles, but this one chose me. I’ve seen some slight improvements over the last few months but the amount of time and hassles I go through on a daily basis are ridiculous, an epic waste of time all because of some careless employee and a company who never stepped up and did the right thing. I’m happy Target has arrived in Canada." He went on and on but his management made us remove further comments. Kitsalano allowed us to include his closing remark on that topic, "I admire people who have careers that goes nowhere fast instead of ones that goes nowhere very slowly. I’ve been in the biz for over 20 years and look at me, it’s sad what’s happened."

Here’s an interesting insider business tidbit: Style sat down with his accountant earlier this year to figure out that his cost to attain a new customer (based on CD sales) since he started in the music business: $11,276.73 per CD sold.

According to a recent online study, our Lyle E Style is the only person in North America who does not correct people when they call him by the wrong name. He claims that it’s because he doesn’t even know who he really is so who is he to correct them.

Style was relieved this past New Years Eve that Dick Clark was alive after being told a week earlier that he had passed away. He was sad over Christmas hearing that a good man done gone, then he started his new year off great knowing that Dick Clark did not die, then, a few months later, he relived his pain when in fact he did pass away. Style has always been grateful for the time he spent with him and his participating in the Roger Miller book project.

Style has been receiving some criticism from the public on his point of view on UFOs “I’m convinced that the vast majority of real UFOs are made to look exactly like airplanes. I’ve had this theory for over two decades. I heard that approximately one in every 400 planes sited in North America are not known who they are. I hypothesize that those are UFOs. I also hypothesize that almost everything we experience in life is the placebo effect.”

Prior to his septoplasty surgery, the surgeon told him that he had a one in ten chance of not waking up from the surgery. Style said he’d still go through with it when he found out the surgeon had only done nine surgeries so far that week. Luckily the surgery went well.“I’m happy I had it done before I got my wife pregnant, I was having major breathing problems, thank God the baby won’t inherit that issue now”.

Mr. E Style is not a smoker and is often offended while walking in public and having smoke blown in his face by an inconsiderate human however during a recent trip to the Mall of America, he was encouraged to give the “electric cigarette” a try and is now addicted to it. He said the only replacement for the electric cigarette is to start smoking real cigarettes which he finds to be a disgusting alternative so he keeps sucking on the electric one instead.

Style recently purchased a iPad but claims to be disappointed in it because “every time I do the voice recognition search for ‘Winnipeg’, it comes up as ‘what a fag’ and I end up getting offended and just put it away.”

Style’s photo of Alice Cooper in his top hat is number one in Google Images (Alice Cooper Hat) among many other search engines! It’s no secret that Alice has been one of Style’s biggest influences and remains one of his all time favorite artists ever. To celebrate the brilliance of The Coop, Style has agreed us to post some more of his photos from his private collection that he personally took. 

Style is still recuperating from being viciously assaulted at a Wal-Mart in Winnipeg. Last November, he took the family to the store when he was nailed from behind into his leg and lower back by a stack of shopping carts that an employee was carelessly pushing into the store slamming right into him resulting in chronic pain and immense discomfort affecting many areas of his life. “It really sucks, I never even got an apology, the company has been awful to deal with and the last nine months of my life has been centered around trying to get better by seeing all sorts of doctors and physical therapists. They offered me a settlement that was so insulting that it wouldn’t even cover my medical expenses not to mention pain, severe sleep issues, loss of work and so on. I’m sickened how a customer could go into a business and then be assaulted by one of their employees and then they demand that customer to fork out their entire life’s medical history and all sorts of personal information and have it all end with an insult to injury. I hope people learn from this incident and act accordingly. I wish I stayed at home that night or shopped somewhere else.”

It’s uncertain if it was from his being assaulted but Style spent two days in the hospital in May from severe stomach and back pains. “They call it Manitoba Health ‘Care’ but I personally find no one really cares. Unless you have a cut, something fell off your body or you broke a bone, the best you can hope for is an educated guess, after a ten hour wait in the emergency room, of course. I had all sorts of invasive tests, procedures and biopsies and everything came back inconclusive. So to answer your question, I don’t know what the hell is wrong with me.”

In efforts to lower his back pain and get his cholesterol under control, Style has been exercising much to everyone’s surprise. “I’ve been concerned about my longevity lately since I’m now 41 years old and I was recently reminded that I had a mid-life crisis in my early 20s.” He has made one fascinating medical discovery through his efforts in working out: “exercise is the easiest thing a person can quit cold turkey”.

During a recent visit to massage therapy, Style claims the therapist found a previously undiscovered birthmark on his back that says “best before dec 99”.

With great regret, Style is looking for a new record label after the closing of Absurd Machine Records. “I feel like a child who is responsible for his parent’s divorce. I know the success of ‘Cutting Room Floor’ has been underwhelming at best but I was looking forward to starting a new CD called ‘Behind of his Time’ hoping that it would be more lucrative for all of us. It came as a big surprise that they shut the doors down. It’s sad, the studio was awesome, the guys are amazing and I was really hoping for a long working relationship with them. They’re all still friends of mine and I wish them all great success in their next ventures and apologies my project didn’t make anyone rich.”

With word of a lost record deal, Style is still writing and has been busy convincing himself that he’d be a successful writer and singer of songs if only he were in his 20s in Nashville in the 1960s. His wife keeps telling him that no matter how many bottles of Highland 12 year old scotch he drinks, it’s likely to never happen. 

Our thoughts and prayers go out for our dear friend Bill Dees who is battling some health issues. Lyle was staying with him in Branson when he brought a gold fish back to life after being dead out of the water for nearly a day so if anyone can beat a health crisis, it’s Bill. Bill is an amazing talent and has written some of the most amazing music ever written. Lyle often talks about how “Oh, Pretty Woman” is the most perfect song ever written as it’s recognizable from the first drum beat, an amazing unforgettable guitar rift, a great story, hook and has the perfect musical ending. Bill has so many other amazing songs he’s written that the world has yet to hear. Here’s a photo from last summer of Bill singing a song on Lyle’s “Behind of his Time” guitar during a visit to Branson. 

Style’s book “Ain’t Got No Cigarettes: Memories of Music Legend Roger Miller” is now an E-Book! Check your local e-store to get it for your device or here! If you’d prefer a hard copy, you can buy the now collector’s item here. The book has been averaging for over $200 a copy on but you can still get them here for a fraction of that price plus Style would be happy to sign it for you. Judging on his health lately, signed copies won’t be available long and will only increase in value. Invest in a copy today!

Style is excited to announce the coming of another child of his into the world. “I’m looking forward to meeting Pipsqueak face to face as are my wife and very excited soon-to-be big brother Austin. Parenthood is the most awesome thing I’ve experienced, or at least in my top ten. My boychild makes me smile everyday when he reminds me that no one misses me when I’m not there.”

Style recently got to catch up with his school days’ best bud/current world renowned artist Jon Pylypchuk. The two spent the better part of their teens together in junior high and even the minor seminary St. Vladimir’s College. Pylypchuk moved to Los Angeles and has art showings all around the world while Style lives in Winnipeg dreaming of Disneyland and has showings all over his house. 

Style has officially met all of his living heroes! The only living hero he never met was Bob Dylan. Did he meet the man of mystery? No, after Mr. E’s experience trying to give him a book and after seeing the show, things have changed. “I am still a fan and find him quite fascinating, I just think that heroes should be people that you’d like to be like and from the attitude of his staff and the indifference to the crowd and effort put into the performance, I found it insulting as a fan and it’s hard to have a hero who comes off that way. That’s just my opinion, which as with all opinions means little to nothing at all.”

2012 has been a rough year on Mr. E Style as the majority of his time has been dealing with back pain from being “accidently” assaulted at Walmart by an employee last November. Instead of creating, he’s had to attend about a hundred related medical appointments this year alone and spend hours on pain management daily having precious little time or creative energy to do what he loves to do. As a mediocre Christmas gift to all who are interested, Style’s manager Johnny Kitsalano posted a half assed video for Style’s song “Christmas” as available on iTunes and the “Cutting Room Floor” CD. Style sends his apologies for not being able to work on or release any projects since the incident that took him down. He also wanted us to remind you all to shop responsibly, “All I wanted to do was buy a pair of winter boots for my kid and it cost me over a year of my life. Please be careful where you shop knowing that they can get away with seriously injuring you through their neglect and claim no responsibility leaving the burden on your shoulders in every aspect. Learn from my mistake.”

It’s with great anticipation that we will be meeting Pipsqueak Style (name subject to change) in the weeks to come.


On behalf of Style, his immediate family and the staff at Electric Recordings, we hope each and every one of you have a great and safe Christmas and/or Holiday Season along with the best New Year ever. We look forward to referring to the Mayans as just people who couldn’t be bothered finishing what they started because they knew they’d be dead anyway by December 21, 2012 and not people who knew something we didn’t, or worse, not even being here to refer to them at all. Just to be safe, we recommend everyone to say your prayers, back up your data, buy bottled water and stock your shelves. Good luck, thanks for the memories and stay safe!



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It’s a thrill to hear Style now being played on Outlaw Radio! We’re all super excited that he has been featured on his all time favorite radio show “The Cowboy Jack Clement Show” out of Nashville on Outlaw Radio Channel 60 on Sirius/XM. Not only are Alamo Jones and Cowboy Jack playing the music, they’ve been chatting about him, his music and Roger Miller book on air. 

Style didn’t realize how low he was on the ladder of humanity until he met Bob Dylan’s tour manager. After getting a subscription to satellite radio, Style started to listen to Bob Dylan’s radio show and realized his book on Roger Miller was filled with little known facts and tidbits about multiple recording artists and songs that Mr. Dylan may have found interesting since he shares those kinds of things before each song on his radio show. “I’ve met dozens of tour managers over the years but no one has come close to the level of rudeness and aloofness as did that guy. By introducing myself, I got the reaction as though I was asking him to personally pay off my mortgage. I’ve never felt like quitting the entertainment industry more than I did after meeting the guy without a name and claimed to not be who I knew he was. I get the privacy thing but to be lied to, talked down to and put in your place for introducing yourself is a bit extreme. I just left, it’s not worth it. I could feel the hatred towards me for being alive, I’m surprised he didn’t tell me to go find my mother and slap her in the face for having me.”


When asked how the Bob Dylan concert was, Style said “Off the record, Dylan’s voice sounded good from what I could hear of it. I’m guessing his sound guy went deaf years ago because whoever was mixing sound did a pretty poor job. Dylan’s piano was full blast and out of tune, you could barely hear him sing and the band was lost behind the piano. I was pumped about the show because I had 2nd row dead center seats on the floor but it became an obstructed view seat because Dylan had his crew place a mirror in front of him so you couldn’t see him behind the piano for 90% of the show. It was sort of deep on a level because what we see in Dylan is a reflection of ourselves however on the other level of paying $133 a seat to see him, it was insulting. He is on a playing field all of his own. I saw Roger Waters ‘The Wall’ earlier this year at the same ticket price and there was zero comparison, you can tell Roger Waters cared about sound and the audience’s experience. When you hear the saying ‘singer/songwriter’ you think of Bob Dylan. He’s had his songs recorded by Elvis, Jimi Hendrix, countless others including all the biggest names in entertainment, you’d think that would make a person happy, it appears it doesn’t. I’m not sure why he keeps playing as he doesn’t seem to care about the sound, acknowledge the crowd, provide a jumbo video screen so everyone can see him, he doesn’t play what people want to hear, or provide even enough light on stage for people to see him in the first place. It’s unfortunate, he’s one of the coolest looking people on the planet next to Harry Dean Stanton and Alice Cooper, I just wish you could actually see him when you pay to go and see him.”

Banned from the Opry??

Style’s plan to cause controversy on the Grand Ole Opry stage is likely the reason his invite to play the famous institution never came. “I sang on the Opry stage twice however nobody was in the crowd. Where I think it all went downhill was when I started to look for a partner in crime to play my girlfriend. My plan… on my first public performance on the Opry, I was going to stop mid-way through a song, call out my girlfriend, and propose to her, then have her say ‘no’. She would leave embarrassed and crying and I’d be left awkwardly finishing a song. I think what likely happened was when I was putting this together, I asked the wrong girl to play my girlfriend, she worked at the Country Music Hall of Fame and seemingly leaked my plans to the powers that be at the Opry. I should have known there was a close connection. Although I’ve never gotten anything in writing, I’ve got a strong feeling I’m banned from ever performing there because of what would have been an infamous performance.”

Waylon Rules! About 20% of Style’s wardrobe is Waylon Jennings related clothing, belt buckles, shirts and hats. There’s a new company looking after his merchandise that is worth checking out Style has consistently looked at Waylon Jennings as the ultimate hero in the music industry, he was a great songwriter, amazing singer, was nice to his fans, had a great crew and band behind him who treated people with respect. There’s a new Waylon release called “Goin’ Down Rockin’” that is awesome, it actually features a few previously unreleased songs that Lyle was plugged for “Cutting Room Floor”. Lyle’s version of the unreleased Waylon Jennings song “Ain’t That A Hoot” is still the only version available. “The coolest thing about Waylon’s new album was that he went into the studio to record acoustic tracks that could be worked on and released after he was gone. He was looking after his band and fans by leaving this amazing gift. The last time I saw Waylon, he was in rough shape after his stroke but still performing as best he could, which for the record was f*c$ing amazing despite not being able to play guitar like he used to. He did those last tours to keep people working and for the pleasure of his fans. And as a fan, I’m grateful for it on many levels. I wish there were more folks like ol’ Waylon in this world.”


It’s been made apparent that some people are quite concerned about the content of this website. 
We would like to take this opportunity to invite the weak at heart to click the “x” in the upper right hand corner of your screen if you aren’t prepared for the terrible things that lay waiting in these pages. Style barked when asked for comment, “If I’m offended by something I see or hear, I don’t look or I stop listening. To anyone that knows me, I have a sarcastic sense of humor. I shouldn’t have to put a disclaimer next to everything I say or write that is meant as such. I’m in my forties and receiving lectures, it’s ridiculous.”


Style has become a Godfather for the fifth time. No details or photos related to this event are being released to the public.

Many people have been sending the office emails checking on Mr. Style to check with him to see how he was doing in the face of a tumultuous year. He simply answered “How I’m doing completely depends on who I am talking to”.

Style met up with country music legend Roy Clark when he was in Winnipeg. “Roy Clark has always been good to me. He’s a true music legend and a super nice guy. It shows what kind of a stand-up guy he is as he still did the Canadian tour despite having multiple serious surgeries before hitting the road. I’ve got a lot of respect for him, you can tell he was having a rough time but still gave his best. I’ve seen him many times over the years and this was definitely a memorable show. Hell, he even did the amazing rare track called ‘Right or Left at Oak Street’, that’s worth the ticket right there.”  

WINTER 2012-13


If you can handle it, we welcome you to follow Lyle on Twitter @mrestyle


It’s with great sadness we pay our respect to the man responsible for getting Style down the road he is on. Our friend Bill Dees passed away on October 24, 2012. “It hit me hard when I found out about his health crisis. It hurt to see him go through what he had to but every time I spoke to him since I found out the diagnosis, he seemed to ease me through his pain and never complained. Bill was a fun guy, had an inspiring personality and was a multitalented man. There is so much amazing material he wrote that was never recorded, luckily many tunes were. He must have written over a thousand songs. He lived an epic life and I have an immeasurable amount of respect for him. When I felt at my lowest, all I had to do was pick up the phone and he’d brighten up my day. He always seemed to be in a good mood and made time for people. His door was always open for me and I’ll always be grateful for knowing him, writing with him, to have him as a mentor and a dear friend. He always amazed me by his outlook on life and by his amazing talents. Bill inspired me, entertained me, made me laugh, sometimes shake my head, and when I heard the news that he was gone, he made me cry.” Style has a blog written about him in the blog section of the website. “I could go on for hours about the times I had with Bill, I’ve never met anyone like him and the times we spent together were some of the most memorable ones in my life.” Pictured above is from their first writing session together outside his house in ’96. Below is some raw footage from Style’s personal home movies from their last visit in Branson in 2011 with Bill playing on Lyle’s guitar. Bill could sit for hours playing and never come close to running out of great songs (you can see clips of him playing from daylight to darkness in this video which was like most of the great times Lyle spent with him). 

We will end this year’s News with an original Lyle E Style quote that can be used with credit but will likely be stolen:

"The past is the price you paid for this moment so make the most of it."


On behalf of Lyle, his immediate family and select staff of Electric Recordings, all the best to you and yours this Christmas, all-round Holiday Season, in 2014 and always! 

There has been talk that Style is the guy responsible for the coining the "col" text message response when receiving a text message that someone died. "I don’t think I’ll make any money off it but I’m happy to be acknowledged for it" he responded in an email.


Earlier this year it was reported that Celebrity Net Worth estimated Lyle E Style was worth "$1250". Style commented "I wonder how they figured that out? And, shouldn’t I be on wanna-be-celebrity net worth? I don’t consider myself a celebrity."

Lyle has officially outlived Elvis Presley. 

"I’m older than Elvis was when he died and I’ve only achieved the level of success he did up to the moment of him about to open the front door for the first time at Sun Studio in Memphis" Style said as he poured himself three fingers of scotch.


Style recently was invited to attend an "auspicious occasion" but declined, later we found out because of not knowing what "auspicious" meant. Instead, that very day, he went to a numerologist who informed him that had he been born just 72 hours later than he was, he would have achieved success and riches beyond his wildest dreams. At first finding this out, he didn’t speak to his mother for a few days but has since looked for other things to do with that information. 

Speaking of Roger Miller, Style wanted us to thank the fans of “Ain’t Got No Cigarettes – Memories of Music Legend Roger Miller” for their support and continued kind words. “Hearing from people around the world that don’t know me and take the time to write me and say ‘thanks for writing the book’ really makes all that work worthwhile”. Style also mentioned “I don’t know if you should post this online or not, but there’s a great Roger Miller concert people can download called ‘Roger Miller, live at the Birchmere’, it’s unreal. I wish the Roger estate would release concerts like this for us fans to purchase, it’s pure gold.”

For the first time, Style has publically acknowledged his addiction to gum. “I’ve been addicted to sugarless gum for over thirty years. I can’t sleep without gum in my mouth, I even wake up to change it through the night. It’s a habit I can’t break. It’s not my only addiction, I have an addiction to technology and gadgets which drives my wife crazy. I have to be honest, I’d be addicted to sex too if I knew how to get it anytime I wanted to. Unfortunately for me, there are no organizations to help me with any of my problems.”

Since we’ve been swamped with emails regarding the “Copper for Style Day”, here’s how it panned out: Style never kept one cent of any money donated. Yet again, he comments: “I felt Kitsalano’s [Style’s manager] idea was idiotic and although the concept was well received by the public and businesses, it wasn’t well received by me so I returned every single donation. Unfortunately, Kitsalano had nearly $8000 in lawyer retainer fees that I am responsible for. It’s not the first time that I’m stuck financially with the mistakes and stupid ideasKitsalano has come up with. If I had anyone that was the slightest bit interested in managing my career, Kitsalano would be history.”


Style did get an opportunity to meet up with Alice Cooper in Winnipeg to discuss a potential venture together. Style wouldn’t comment on what it was about but said he’s hoping that things pan through because “Alice is one of the greatest singer/songwriters and entertainers ever”.

Style sent us some photos for our viewing pleasure of the Alice Cooper Concert, “Theatre of Death” in Winnipeg on April 26th, 2010. Without Style’s permission or anyone’s, we’re going ahead and posting some of those pictures he took himself for you to check out. Like Style has said many times publically and in private, “Alice is the coolest looking guy to ever walk the planet. Second coolest, Harry Dean Stanton.”


It’s confirmed that Style’s baby sister “Gaybee” gave his hero Alice Cooper a copy of Style’s CD “Cutting Room Floor” in Palm Springs at this year’s Bob Hope Classic. It was reported Alice requested to keep the CD as soon as he saw it and said “I look forward to listening to this…” (that’s the first time anyone said those words about his CD, or so says Style).

Style was seen at a Dragon’s Den audition at the CBC pitching his “Com In Dot” and “Com On Dot” business concepts. Style told us he doubts if he’ll be on the show because they thought his name was ridiculous. He did announce that he will be unveiling the “Com In Dot” to the public later this year.

Style has been seen walking around with a cane lately, doing his best to bring them back in style. He proudly commented: “If people knew there was nothing wrong with me, they’d think there was something wrong with me but I don’t care, I love canes.”

It’s our contractual duty to wish Mr. E Style a Happy Birthday this time of year. He turns 39 on May 18th although it’s rumoured that his acting resume says his age range is from 44-52. 
Style had this to say about his special day: 
“I always get excited whenever it’s someone else’s birthday. Perhaps too excited, because often other people’s birthdays don’t live up to the hype I build up in my mind and it leaves me disappointed at the end of the day. For my birthday though, I spend it exercising the art of shame. I spend most of the day making lists of all the things I’ve set out to accomplish but have yet to do so. I spend a lot of time staring in the mirror in disgust on how poorly I’ve aged, how out of shape I am, how I’m the only one responsible for not being as successful as I could be… [long uncomfortable pause] …and I stare in horror at the bags under my eyes and lines on my face, they’re my music industry awards that I carry with me everywhere. Indeed, my birthdays aren’t happy. Although I do the best to make everyone else’s birthday a happy day for me, which is a good thing, because it’s somebody else’s birthday almost every day of the year. I think it makes me a happier person to be around because I do it this way.”

Style met up with Mel Tillis while he was in Winnipeg on tour. Mel told Style a few more Roger stories and teased him that he never told him the real good stories for the book, this isn’t the first time he was told that the best stories about Roger will go untold. As always, Mel put on a great show, be sure to check him out if you get the opportunity, he’s one of the few country music legends left.

Lyle, his beautiful, kind and forgiving wife Angela, and their son Austin, would like to extend their warmest greetings to you this season and wish you and yours nothing but the best now and always (Christmas photo taken by Austin). And Style tells us “the staff should send their regards too”, so we’re sending our regards to you all.



Although Style won’t admit it’s him, it’s clear to us that he is indeed “The Viterra Man” as seen in placemats/ mousepads, print ads, life-size and counter cut-outs, cards and farm advertising.

Where’s the gigs Style??? Well, this is as weird as it gets. As most of you know, Style has had multiple falling outs with his manager Johnny Kitsalano and has incurred such debt to him (and because of him) that Style has not accepted any paid performances in some time. Instead, Style has been randomly showing up at venues and performing (one recent performance featured an entire set on mandolin which no one even knew he played that instrument). Style adds, “…my fans haven’t been coming out to my concerts that much over the last few years so I figure maybe I’d catch a few of them at these impromptu performances to throw them off guard, you know, as if to say ‘if you ain’t gonna come see me, I’ll come see you.’ That, plus that Kitsalano changed my lifetime contract with him in such a way that I don’t see a penny from any live shows anyway, and I’ve got a family to support!”

Style has been spending all free time (which for the record, most of his time is free as he hasn’t been getting paid for it) on a new cartoon series called “The Chinsticks”. Sorry, that’s “My Kin Chinsticks”. “It’s unlike anything anyone has ever seen but many have experienced”, he tells us. Watch for more to come on the Chinsticks in the new year.

Style wouldn’t comment how disappointed he was in this year’s CCMAs and CMAs. In fact, he told us it was not our concern as to what his opinions are. Then he suggested we post some pictures of his son instead of printing his opinions which mean little, if anything at all, while his son, Austin, means everything.

Style was recently uninvited to a wedding after attending a “Jack and Jill Wedding Shower”. It’s said that he took the microphone and gave an unrequested speech about how men have “no business coming to these kinds of things” but thanked them for the invite stating that this will be the last wedding shower he ever attends because he wouldn’t want to wreck the memory of this one by attending another one and somehow mixing up memories (or something). The microphone was promptly taken away before he could get any further into it and he was then escorted outside the building where he waited for his upset wife. A public apology is being issued here: “sorry” says Style.


Yet again, an honour has been bestowed upon Mr. E Style: he is a Godfather for the fourth time. This round is for his sister Gaybee who had given birth to a baby boy by the name of “PJ”. Style claims to have named the child as he referred to the unborn child as “Pickles Junior” and then when he came out, he happened to be called “PJ”, yet the letters are said to not stand for anything. Nobody is buying it. “Pickles Junior” for the record, is a fantastic name and now that Style has released it publically, he is anticipating it to become more popular than any given name since “Johnny”.


Style apparently dressed as Johnny Kitsalano this past Halloween and made a complete fool of himself. He admits “I got real drunk, just like the real Kitsalano and I did my best to insult everyone I came in contact with, again, just like Kits. The problem was, nobody got the reference as to what I was doing and I just came off like a jerk and I spent the following two weeks making apologies and writing ‘I’m sorry’ emails.” Style adds, “Tell Dr. Rage and the Uppercuts that I don’t think they’ll all burn in hell.”

It comes as little shock to all who know him that Style was voted as one of the worst people of 2010 on multiple online and radio surveys. Top reasons include:

- Reason #1: Style figured out the worst way to give someone bad news: in December, he called his sister and said “guess who died”. She said “who?” He said “Guess”. She started to cry and said “Mom?” After a long pause, he said “No”. She cried, “Dad??” After a long pause, he said “No”. Eventually she found out it was Tom Bosley, the actor from “Happy Days”.

- Reason #2: Style is the worst gift receiver in history. Upon receiving a Christmas gift of a pair of goats to a family in Africa (or someplace like that), Style asked if there was a gift receipt. The next day he was caught just before he tried re-gifting the goats to an acquaintance. Then after posting them on Kijiji and getting several insulting phone calls and emails, and a very lengthy speech from his wife, he realized what a gift the goats actually were. He later said he’s going to take a photo of each plant in his yard and name it after a relative and “gift it to them” as a “I planted a tree in your name” gift.

- Reason #3 (TIE): Last summer he took his wife and son to the Mall of America, upon just walking into the mall, he asked the information desk where the nearest Starbucks was, she said “just down on the corner there sir, and can I interest you in a coupon book for the mall for $9.95? They don’t have Starbucks in the book, but they have Caribou Coffee in there and many stores take competitors coupons.” Style agreed and bought one, he went to Starbucks immediately and asked “by chance do you guys take Caribou Coffee coupons”, the cashier loudly answered for the whole store to hear “THIS IS STARBUCKS SIR! WE DON’T TAKE CARIBOU COFFEE COUPONS.” With great embarrassment, Style grabbed his coffee, told his wife “we’re leaving” and they left the mall not even looking around, he went back to the hotel as his family stayed in the car, checked out three days early and drove back to Winnipeg not speaking a word. “To hell with me for asking” later commented Style on the horrible experience, “I’ve never been so embarrassed and it wasn’t even my idea to ask, the information lady told me to. That Starbucks café mocha cost me over $400 and almost my marriage.” People are calling this the worst Starbucks experience in history.

- Reason #3 (TIE): Style learned the tough way to never speak directly to a deaf person’s interpreter. While taking a university course last summer, he recognized and said something to the interpreter and was then yelled at by both the interpreter and the deaf person at the same time in front of a classroom full of people. Style has since defended his new fear of deaf people saying that it is indeed “rational”.

Style openly admits if he were a better person, he’d have more friends and be quite successful. His goals for 2011 are to be a somewhat better person and hopefully not receive any animals for people in other countries. He also added, “I’d recommend if you want to buy someone an animal or a child or whatever in a foreign country, just buy it yourself, or give it to them directly and don’t even tell that person you thought of gifting it to that you did it. Don’t worry about any gifts for me, I’d honestly rather have nothing, and I’d treasure it much more than a chicken or a goat for someone that most likely doesn’t even exist.”

Style had the most poetic end to 2010 as humanly possible. On December 31st, he watched a lousy movie with his wife and son and toward the end of the movie, he sat his son on his shoulders. Just then, his son threw up on Lyle’s head splashing down his face, into his mouth, down his shirt and all over his clothes. He says, “2010 was one of the worst years possible thanks to a lot of evil people, dirty outfits/crooked businesses and bad circumstances. My boy puking on my head on New Year’s Eve summed up 2010 perfectly.” 

Earlier this year, Style was food poisoned by a waitress at a smug Winnipeg French Restaurant in St. Boniface when he asked her for a side crepe with his meal instead of a fruit bowl. He offered to pay extra but she refused and said it was totally impossible. He then said “I bet if I would have asked you in French, you could have done it.” The comment didn’t go over well and after eating his off-tasting meal, he was ill for over 48 hours all the while refusing to go to the emergency room stating “I’d rather die than sit in an Emergency Room for 36 hours waiting to see a doctor”. For some reason Style doesn’t think Canadian health care (or bilingualism) is all it’s cracked up to be.

Style expressed his anger towards the makers of fortune cookies earlier this month when he informed us that he’s “played the same lottery numbers every draw since 1986, then recently I opened a fortune cookie that gave me my lucky numbers and they were the exact same numbers I’ve played for 25 years! Now I have no chance in hell of winning.”

Style recently did another show for the Kidney Foundation fundraiser which raised nearly $5000. He formally stated: “All of my gigs lately have been for charity. I can’t figure out if I’m doing the shows for charity or if it’s the other way around.”

Style sold his sister-in-law’s wedding ring for her while consuming countless hours of his time. “I never realized how difficult it is to sell a used wedding ring. It was as though I was selling a car that multiple people killed themselves in.” When asked why he wouldn’t even accept payment to cover his multiple expenses, never mind a commission, he said “If I would have accepted reimbursement for my expenses, that’s an insult to my subconscious, letting it know that its efforts are worth absolutely nothing. If I would have accepted a commission, the sale of the ring wouldn’t have added up enough to pay for my time so I took nothing instead. Sometimes I need to teach myself lessons and this acted as an important lesson to never do it again and I consider it a selfless act of charity. I know church and charity doesn’t want you to know this, but I heard that charity starts in the home, or in the family, or someplace like that. That said, I’m all for supporting legitimate charities so don’t bust my chops over this please.” [Note: the staff acknowledge the resemblance of his rationale to the rantings of Charlie Sheen.]

Speaking of weddings, Style took zero interest in the Royal Wedding stating “they showed no interest in my wedding so I’m doing the same for them. Don’t get me wrong, I hope them and everyone live long happy healthy lives.”

Style’s latest “invention” triples the enjoyment of a quality cigar. Apparently it’s the best way to smoke a great cigar (Kitsalano also claims it’s the healthiest way). The usage fee is 25 cents per time you utilize this method (payable via PayPal id Instructions: carefully cut the cigar into three equal pieces (doesn’t all have to be done at the same time, so you can keep this cigar in your humidor), then stick the third of the cigar into a pipe (shown below) and enjoy. Not only will you look beyond cool, you will save money and impress everyone who sees you. Please check the gauge of the cigar so it will fit tightly in the pipe hole and don’t shove it in too deep. Style claims he owns the rights to this way of smoking a cigar and Style’s manager, Johnny Kitsalano claims that he will personally sue anyone that smokes their cigar this way that doesn’t pay the usage fee (Kits also stresses that the usage fee is per unit, so one cigar cut into three equals 75 American cents). For the record, Style is not a smoker nor encourages smoking. Enjoy your new cigar experience! 


Check out the quote section of the website for the latest, greatest and saddest quotes by Mr. E Style.

To end on a happy note: Style and all the staff hope you enjoy happiness, health, prosperity and contentment with your lives every day in every way. 


Style has been keeping a low profile recently as he claims that every time he leaves the house or attempts to accomplish what he sets out to accomplish, society slaps him in the face. He shares an example, “It seems every time I leave the house, I have people telling me what to do. Even when I go to pay for something I have people telling me to ‘have a good day’ or ‘take care’. I don’t need people I don’t even know telling me what to do. Personally, I never tell people to have a ‘happy birthday’ or whatever; instead, I say respectfully ‘I hope you have a happy birthday’ or ‘I hope you… whatever’. The last thing people need to hear on their birthday, or ever, is people telling them what to do.”


Another example of Style’s falling out with society is the latest rumor how he was denied entry at a recent Merle Haggard concert when he was caught with an envelope that had copies of a set list he was planning on sneaking on stage before the show. Some say it was a genius idea (“some” may or may not be Style himself). The confiscated set list was as follows:
The Way I Am
California Cottonfields
When Times Were Good
I Haven’t Found Her Yet
Sing Me Back Home
Cherokee Maiden
A Place To Fall Apart
Trouble In Mind
I Don’t Have Any Love Around
Motorcycle Cowboy
Rainbow Stew
I Must Have Done Something Bad
What Have You Got Planned Tonight Dianna
That’s The Way Love Goes
Silver Eagle
Natural High
Union Station
I Won’t Give Up My Train
Without You By My Side
Stay A Little Longer
TB Blues
Bring It On Down To My House Honey
My Favorite Memory

Style did state this “I am not saying this rumor is true but if you guys get a hold of that set list and print it publically, I encourage anyone who sees it and gets to see Hag to copy the list and try to do what I allegedly did. It would be the best concert ever performed. Be sure to tape the show and send me a copy, I’d be eternally grateful!”

It’s official: Style’s book “Ain’t Got No Cigarettes – Memories of Music Legend Roger Miller” is now “Out Of Print”. New and used books have been seen for sale on Amazon and other sites for hundreds of dollars!!! There are very limited quantities available directly through this site. Consider it an investment! 

On the topic of university: Style has been overheard saying to anyone who will listen “Before I had finished my degree, I would get criticized for my opinions of university because people would say I was bitter that I didn’t finish my degree. Now that I finished my degree after 22 years, I feel like I can give my educated opinion: University is a smug institution that has built an empire labeling things that don’t need to be labeled. I’ve learned more from any one chapter of a Dr. Wayne Dyer or Eckhart Tolle book than I have in my entire ‘higher education’. The most profound thing I learned from Eckhart is ‘don’t label’ which is completely opposite than what you are taught at university. If you want to do well in university, it’s simple (if you can live with yourself that is): just repeat the professor’s opinions back to them. God forbid that you have an opinion that differs from these self labeled experts. And original thoughts should be kept to yourself. And never exceed expectations, I lost 4% of my final grade for including a title page on my last paper because it wasn’t ‘required’, it cost me a letter grade and lowered my GPA! I considered it ‘exceeding expectations’ but I got slapped in the face for it mark-wise. That said, everyone should get a degree as a back-up plan, especially in Canada where...” [for legal purposes, we had to cut the quote short].

Our ranting Mr. E Style is turning 40 on May 18th. Style said “my life is nearly over and I still have no idea what to do with it”. None of the staff at Electric Recordings are telling him to “have a Happy Birthday” because we all know that he hates being told what to do and that he uses his birthday to exercise the art of shame (he went all into that last year if you’re interested in reading the archived news). Surprisingly, Style did say he was looking forward to his birthday this year as it’ll be the oldest he’s ever been.


Be sure to follow Style on Twitter @mrestyle - get offended in real time!

It’s with great shame that Style announces his graduation from the University of Manitoba. “I started there in 1989, left a few years later because of a girl that did me ____ down and dirty, then decided to pursue show biz. Then being so underwhelmed by my success of realized dreams in the entertainment industry for the past two decades, I decided to go back a few years ago. I had to re-do at least a year’s worth of credits, a waste of time and money… and now am graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree. My university education is the only thing I have that I have no idea what to do with... [long uncomfortable pause] Let my long painful journey serve as a lesson to youth all over the world to finish your education before pursuing a career in the entertainment industry.” Style is available for consultations and meeting with your youth to convince them to stay in school. Email him at to save your children years of pain, heartache and expense. 

With Style now officially being in his forties, he has now discovered a new way to “enjoy the now” by focusing on “if he never did that specific activity again in his life, would he miss it”. The new contemplations have made him a poor dinner guest as he openly shares his view with people by saying things after being served a meal “If I never ate another piece of chicken in my life, I’d be perfectly fine with it”. Apparently of the thousands of things, places and people he’s put through this contemplation, there’s little he would miss in general.

Early this summer, a rumour went around that Style died. To this day, he has people come up and say “I thought you died!” And out of the dozens of times he’s been approached, not one person looked all that happy to see that he was alive. Style also stated “I admit I’m sad that none of those people made the effort to come to my funeral.”

Absurd Machine Studios has officially moved to their new location and Style is excited by the slight chance of doing another album with the talented crew. Style has enough songs for a box set release but would be content releasing another CD entitled Lyle E Style "Behind Of His Time". Style is encouraging all of his fans to send request directly to the record label for another release.

Canada Post has had a falling out with Electric Recordings, after being offended by some of Style’s Twitter posts, they increased their prices so that if someone purchases both a book and a CD from us, all minimal profit is eaten up through postage increase at that exact weight in an effort to put us out of business. It’s strange how sending the exact product from the USA to another state or even to Canada is well under $3 where if sent via Canada Post, it is over $16.

New inspirational interview with Style can be found here:

As a special Christmas gift to all the fine people who frequent this site, we have added even more therapeutic quotes from Mr. E Style in the quotes section. Enjoy!

If you’re looking for the ultimate gift for a music fan of any genre, consider getting the highly collectable book “Ain’t Got No Cigarettes: Memories of Music Legend Roger Miller”. Copies are being sold for hundreds of dollars on online sites, cannot be special ordered at any bookstore as they are now out of print but limited copies are available here for a very reasonable price. 


Happy Christmas from Lyle, his lovely wife Angela, their boychild Austin and all the staff at Electric Recordings! All the best to you and yours in every way possible right now and always. Let’s hope the Mayans were wrong about 2012… 

Style and his family had a great visit in Branson spending time with his good friend songwriting legend, Bill Dees (photo above with Style’s son Austin), Buck Trent (brutal photo of Lyle below with the great man) and the amazing Mickey Gilley (pics even more below). Unknown to Style at the time, Mr. Gilley had a bad fall leaving him unable to play piano and performing now on an office chair. Mr. Gilley still put on a hell of a show and sounds as good as ever. We all wish him a speedy recovery and express much gratitude for meeting with Lyle and his family before the show, introductions during the concert and treating them to drinks with him after at Gilley’s restaurant. 


One of the main purposes of Style heading to Branson was to meet up with Jim Stafford to discuss a future book project that he had the inside connection for, unfortunately, it doesn’t look like the project will turn out. Style won’t say what the project was about but with some research on Jim Stafford, the office staff has figured out. When we guessed correctly, Style threatened to have Johnny Kitsalano fire us if we reprint it. Instead he told us to say that Style remains a big fan of Jim Stafford’s and that he has a huge impact with what Jim told Style regarding the music industry’s struggles these days. Mr. Stafford told Style “The problem with the music business is that it’s never been more fun to stay at home.” It was an “ah-ha” moment for Style and apparently has since felt better about his mediocre career that it’s a sign of the times and not so much that he sucks. 

When he first found out his wife was expecting, he told us the best thing about being a baby would be getting to hear Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, Roger Miller and Alice Cooper all for the first time plus every episode of The Simpsons and Seinfeld would be new. No one here ever thought of it that way.  We are thinking there may be an album of sarcastic children's songs in the future.

As for Style's part in the Horror Movie, we are sad to announce that he's been pulled out for legal reasons. You see, Style is a member of the Actor's Union and he can't work on any independent films that aren't unionized. All of us were sad to hear this hasn't panned out although we look forward to seeing him play a factory worker on the upcoming Renee Zellweger/Harry Connick Jr movie called Chilled In Miami. Style wouldn't give us any details about that shoot other than saying don't hold your breath if you want to see my acting skills.

As for the release date for CUTTING ROOM FLOOR, it looks like the official release will be late Summer 2008. The last we heard, they are busy mixing the album. We are hoping to have audio clips posted here soon. Apologies to those who are anxiously waiting! 


News September 2007

SIMPSON'S MOVIE SAVES STYLE'S LIFE: OK, potentially saves his life. Style was in Minneapolis with his wife when the 35W bridge suddenly collapsed into the Mississippi River. Style had plans to be downtown via that bridge that fateful afternoon when they noticed a movie theater and decided to see what time the Simpson's Movie was playing. Without much discussion, they decided to check out the movie instead of going downtown. Everyone is grateful for that decision and our thoughts and prayers go to all the victims, family, people and businesses affected by this disaster. Special thanks to Matt Groening for making the movie.

Style has been cast to play a part in a feature horror movie – details to follow soon.

It turns out Cutting Room Floor has been eating up way more time than anticipated. The earliest that it will be available is now late October. Please be patient, it's worth the wait!

Style recently was a judge for the Songwriters of Wisconsin International Songwriting Contest – Style felt honored to be asked yet a little awkward because come on, who is he to judge anyone?

News Summer 2007

Style will be performing in Thompson, Manitoba on July 26th at Mac Lean Park for a free outdoor concert from 9-11pm courtesy of the City of Thompson. Everyone is welcome!

The tentative release of Cutting Room Floor will be late September 07. Style along with the boys at Absurd Machine Studios have been working hundreds of hours recording this innovative album.

Rumors of Style trying to get his money back recently after seeing The Beatles – Love in Las Vegas because he's from Canada and he didn't know the Beatles weren't performing live and it didn't state anywhere on the website or concert ticket that the Beatles weren't together anymore… was a joke that has gotten out of hand. The fact is someone overheard him say to an usher on the way out "I'm from Canada, I thought the Beatles were supposed to be performing" and then the usher explained to him who the Beatles were – from there the story has been blown out of proportion. He wants us to make clear that he didn't ask for his money back and that he knew the Beatles broke up long ago and that unfortunately John Lennon and George Harrison passed away along with the original Paul McCartney who died in 1966 and was replaced by the imposter formerly known as Billy Shepherd ( 

After years keeping this story behind closed doors, Style finally spoke to us about his seven and a half year battle with his car insurance company. As you may recall in December of '99, Style was in a car accident which caused significant damage to his left hand and wrote off his car. After years of getting the runaround, he sought out a specialist who found the problem and then performed hand surgery so he could get back to playing guitar. Unfortunately, his hand hasn't ever fully recovered and he still suffers from chronic pain.

Up to the time of his accident, Style was performing regularly across North America at a variety of high profile stages. Since the accident, Style has kept low due to the hand surgery and ongoing therapy. Since the time of the car accident, Style has privately been fighting with Manitoba Public Insurance Corporation who have refused him any benefits for two reasons: 1) Because he couldn't prove his hand didn't have problems prior to the accident (obviously a ridiculous accusation based on his regular performances up to that date) and 2) Because he could have easily quit the music industry to become a salesperson or something else that doesn't involve using his left hand. Style thought this was a slap in the face as he has been performing in public since 1986 and couldn't just give up his musical dreams because some corporation told him to become a salesperson, so he decided to fight back. 

It turns out his battle was a waste of time as Style has recently attended his final appeal to be turned down for benefits yet again. It is estimated that he has lost over $250,000 in associated expenses and lost wages since the time of the accident. 

Style told us "MPIC is a highly unethical company. From day one, all I wanted to do was get back to work. They sent me to their doctors on their payroll who kept on telling me that there was nothing wrong with me, meanwhile, I was in hand therapy on orders from my family physician. When I went to see a hand specialist on my own accord, he found the problem and performed surgery to rebuild my hand. All along MPIC kept on telling me I am still capable of doing other work so give up the music. I thought that was an insane proposition. In the process of fighting with this con artist outfit, I couldn't believe what I found out: MPIC pays for any injuries that drunk drivers and even car thieves cause to themselves in an accident! They cover all medical expenses and if that person loses use of a limb or worse, they will give them a generous payout and they don't ever have to work again, they are just put on the same salary they had at the time of the accident. It's appalling! My problem was my injury wasn't severe enough that I lost full usage of my hand, I just obtained chronic pain and limited functionality which entitled me to nothing. This could only happen in Manitoba where they've invented 'no fault' insurance which means by signing your insurance policy you agree to whatever they decide, you can't sue them either. It's ridiculous and there are no other options for car insurance in Manitoba. I wish I could take my business elsewhere." 

Style goes on - "At one point I was in Nashville working on my book on Roger Miller and performing at the songwriter nights out there. I was told MPIC would appeal my case of me being a musician but I had to attend it in person in Winnipeg. I thought it would be a no-brainer that I would win so I postponed an interview I had lined up with Johnny Cash for my book and drove all the way back to Winnipeg for the appeal. I was expecting a settlement that would help get my music career back on track. Boy, was I off base! They told me at the appeal that it was my decision to still pursue the music career and that I was capable of doing other jobs so I was entitled to nothing. This put me in serious debt, to the point that I couldn't afford to get back to Nashville and never did get another opportunity to interview Johnny Cash, it's something I've never gotten over." 

Style is happy to report that he will be back doing what he loves once his new CD is released. I've been in therapy for years now at my expense. My hand is at the point that I can start performing again which is great because I've missed it so much. 

We found out that Style has written a song based on his experience fighting with this insurance company called Forced Unhinged - Courtesy Knobs @ MPIC. Style explains: "We've already finished the song selection for the new CD but I may work it into some shows and possibly include it on the next CD. It looks like all I've gotten out of this experience besides pain and debt is a song, which is sort of the story of my life." 

He shared with us a few lyrics: "They own a doctor called 'Big Mac K.' They give him a dollar for every ten he saves. No matter what's wrong he says 'you're OK'. Karma will get him one of these days." 

Style stopped there in frustration to say "You know, it's unreal how a corporation can be its own judge and jury. I was as fully insured as I could have been, I never thought I'd have these problems. It's sad but MPIC is set up with very similar politics to that of the old Nazi camps. They make up their own laws and the only people you can appeal them to are the people that work for the company who are obviously going to side on the favor of the corporation. Unless you actually lose a body part or a body part is completely dead, the answer is always no. I don't know how they sleep at night. They've cost me and the people close to me so much stress and pain, years of lost income and years off my career. It hurts."


On a lighter note, Style wanted us to wish you all a Happy Belated Birthday and a safe and enjoyable summer! 

News Fall 2006

Style's been busy in rehearsals and pre-production with the gang at Absurd Machine working on Style's CD (now scheduled for release in early 2007). 

A music video is also in pre-pre-production.

Mr. E Style is back from his Western book promo tour. Highlights included:

An In Conversation radio special with Lisa Roberts from GX94 in Yorkton 

A 40 minute interview on the one hour Vancouver television talk show Studio 4 with host Fanny Kiefer where Style debuted his new song Looneyville 

Dozens of bookstore appearances including Vancouver (and area), Drumheller, Banff, Seattle (and area), Spokane, Billings, Fargo, etc. 

A live performance in Langley at the BC Songwriters Association at McBurney Lane 

A televised interview with DJ legend Red Robinson on BCTV

An in studio interview on ABC's KOMO TV Evening News in Seattle 

By the way, if you're looking for a great read, check out Red Robinson's book Backstage Vancouver. 

Keep an eye out for As Seen On TV – The K-TEL Story which is airing in October. Style arranged some of the Nashville interviews featured in the documentary including Buddy Killen, Robert K. Oermann and the last interview ever given by Captain Midnight (he passed away the following day). 

Looking for some great tunes before Cutting Room Floor comes out? Check out Bob Dylan's Modern Times CD. He doesn't need your money but he deserves it. 

If you're looking for an interesting forum, check out where a detailed review was written and Style has been answering questions regarding his book Ain't Got No Cigarettes. You will find plenty of previously unshared stories about the book and even some unpublished interview clips. Feel free to join and participate!

Style's manager, Mr. Kitsalano (who hasn't been on speaking terms with his client in over six months) has posted some unauthorized Style related videos on YouTube. Check them out if you're the slightest bit interested: 

Check out updates scattered throughout the site including an updated bio, FAQ and Quotes (as per request). 

STYLE HEALTH SCARE: When Style's wife recently brought up the conversation of  perhaps having a baby in the near future, it's reported Style was taken to the Emergency room at the hospital to treat what they thought was a brain aneurism. It appears now that it was just a severe anxiety attack (just think what would happen if Style had a kid and had to change a diaper). Style is out of the hospital and recovering in fair condition and is scheduled to see a neurologist just to make sure everything still works. Style claims the emergency room physician instructed him to refrain from that topic of conversation for at least five years however the Mrs. isn't buying it.


News July 2006

The New York Times calls Style the guy who reignited the Outlaw feud! 

Sunday Book Review 
Music Chronicle 
Published: June 4, 2006

AIN'T GOT NO CIGARETTES: Memories of Music Legend Roger Miller. By Lyle E Style. 

When you've got a name like Lyle E Style, your only career options are playing point guard for the Kentucky Colonels circa 1973 or chronicling country music, and readers should be grateful that Style has chosen the latter path. 

In this collection of Q. and A.'s with dozens of illustrious country artists and fixtures of the Nashville scene, he ostensibly recounts the life of the musician and raconteur Roger Miller, of "King of the Road" and "Dang Me" fame, who died of cancer in 1992. 

But through a quirk of deliberate or accidental genius, what Style has actually assembled is a living document of country music in its hootin', hollerin' outlaw heyday, when the D.J. Captain Midnight ruled the airwaves, Tootsie's Orchid Lounge was the ultimate hangout and everyone, it seems, was on cocaine — even the mimes. 

Along the way, Style learns some unprescribed uses for diet pills, discovers that Miller's King of the Road Hotel may have been owned by the mob and reignites an old feud between Tompall Glaser and Waylon Jennings. As Mel Tillis says, "they're all characters or they wouldn't be in the business." 

Electric Recordings and Absurd Machine Records are excited to announce the co-production of Lyle E Style's Cutting Room Floor CD – it's been ten years since Style's last CD release and this one is sure to make an impact.The album is currently in pre-production and will be worked on throughout the summer. Release date is TBA. 

Style will be on a Western book promotional tour chatting about the book and doing acoustic performances tentatively in Yorkton, Sheho, Drumheller, Calgary, Canmore, Banff, Kelowna, Vancouver, Langley, Sechelt, Seattle, Spokane, Billings, Fargo and Grand Forks. Keep your eyes and ears open for Mr. E Style out West from the end of July to early August. 

On June 7, Style appeared on Manitoba's #1 morning show from 6-9am on CJOB with Larry Updike as the musical guest and to once again talk about the book, specifically the positive feedback from The New York Times (the world's largest publication). $5 from each book sold that day went to support Tim Hortons Camp Day. 

On May 21st, there was a tragic accident that took the life of Opry member Billy Walker along with his wife and two band members. Lyle interviewed Mr. Walker for Ain't Got No Cigarettes but the interview didn't make the last cut for the book. Someday, somewhere it will be made available for Billy Walker fans to enjoy. Condolences to the families, fans and friends. 

The whole team at Electric Recordings was sad to hear that Buck Owens passed away on March 25. On March 26, Style performed a musical tribute to him at the Stead annual Kidney Foundation Fundraiser. Mr. Owens' stories shared in Ain't Got No Cigarettes are some of the most interesting and entertaining. Style is extremely grateful to Mr. Owens and his staff for their support on the book and for spending time with him. 

Once again, a huge Thank You to all the good folks that have been so supportive of Ain't Got No Cigarettes – it has recently appeared in many publications around the world all giving great reviews, with more anticipated soon. Special thanks to Great Plains Publications, Anita Daher and Jenna Young for the excellent promotion and to everyone that picked up a copy! 

March 2006 

We hope you are all keeping well! First off, thanks for your interest and taking the time to check out the latest news.

Style's been keeping busy promoting the book. It's been getting great reviews and feedback from all around this planet. The Satellite Cowboy Bill Mack on XM Radio was kind enough to do a spotlight on the book in February which was aired worldwide. 

Style realizes that he only played a small role in Ain't Got No Cigarettes – Memories of Music Legend Roger Miller, simply acting as a means to get the word out. He wanted us to mention that without a doubt, all credit goes towards the genius, music and life of Roger Miller and the interviewees who were kind enough to participate in the book (with special thanks to the Publisher and all others involved). 

Speaking of the book, check this out: 

Singer/Songwriter Lyle E Style has put together just the right type of book to celebrate and remember Roger Miller. Rather than churn out the standard biography, Style's work lets the people who really knew, admired and loved him, tell their stories. The result is a book that's sometimes hilarious, sometimes troubling and sometimes poignant, one that gives readers far more detail and insight into the Miller 

left any cool songs unrecorded... They did.


Here are some recent reviews:

Also, from Reba McEntire's site:

A great radio birthday tribute to Roger featuring an interview with Style and tons of great Roger tracks is available here: 

A podcast of extremely rare Roger tunes and an interview with Style is available here: 

A new interview/feature from Take Country Back Magazine is featured on the main page of 

Also check out recent reviews in Harp Magazine, Maverick Magazine (UK), Country Music News, Take Country Back Magazine, International Musician, American Songwriter Magazine, Arkansas Times Record and more. 

Style is doing a concert for the Kidney Foundation in Stead, Manitoba on March 26. Feel free to drop down! 

Style recently met up with Dwight Yoakam in Winnipeg. Dwight, as always, put on one hell of a show (well over two hours of music). Be sure to check out his new CD Blame The Vain – it's one of the best CDs released this past year. 

Speaking of CDs, if you don't have it already, Merle Haggard put out a great CD Chicago Wind – unreal 

tracks on this one including Roger Miller's Leavin's Not The Only Way To Go. In a recent interview in Palm Springs, California, Style said Merle's voice is better than ever. Someone needs to put him in the studio and just keep on recording him, have him cover every song possible, no one can interpret a song as amazing as he can. Plus he's got a ton of originals that haven't been cut yet because he's too busy on the road. Don't get me wrong, it's great he's on the road but I worry about his health and I just feel the studio would be better for him in the long run and for us fans. I am extremely grateful he's still sharing his talents with the world. I can't get enough of his stuff. 

Also be sure to check out new albums by Bobby Bare, Jessi Colter, Kris Kristofferson and Style's close friend and mentor Bill Dees (available now at 

If you're bored, you might find some unique photos and things at Style's new My Space place:


Until later, stay safe and happy! 

December 2005 

"Ain't Got No Cigarettes – Memories of Music Legend Roger Miller" is now officially released and is selling worldwide and is receiving great reviews. Books are available across Canada in stores, in select US stores and more are getting on board each week. Your best bet for getting the book is right here on this site! It's easy, you save taxes, it's insured, you don't have to leave your house and on request, the book will be signed personally to you. 

A dream has come true for Lyle: The Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville is now carrying Ain't Got No Cigarettes in their bookstore! Style will be doing a signing there next time he's in Nashville, stay tuned. 

CHECK THIS OUT: Kathy Coleman's review of the book at 

Guide Rating - 

The Bottom Line: 

There are two things that characterize this book over everything else. One is Mr. Style's truly excellent, well, style, as he draws these memories out of some of the most famous and possibly intimidating people in Nashville and across the country; and secondly, Roger Miller was not only a remarkable genius, he had more people crazy about him than probably anyone else in the world. 

More reviews are posted at 

Upcoming magazine reviews to watch out for: Country Music News (Canada), Take Country Back, International Musician, Harp Magazine & Shake! 

Mr. E Style has been keeping busy performing and talking about the book on media spots on radio, television, online, newspapers and magazines internationally. More to come! Keep your eyes and ears open for upcoming appearances on local, national and international media outlets & venues. 

Upcoming Signings: 

December 11 - Winnipeg: Kildonan Place – Coles Book Store 1-3 pm December 16 - Winnipeg: Polo Park Shopping Center – Coles Book Store 7-9 pm 

Upcoming Singing & Signing 

December 13 - Winnipeg Millennium Library – Carol Shields Auditorium @ Noon 

Tons of stories on Roger shared, behind the scenes of writing the book and lots of music. Free admission! Books on sale for a special Christmas price! 

Also on December 13 Lyle is the guest and musical guest on Breakfast TV on City TV from 6:30am – 9 am 

Lyle would like to thank everyone who picked up a book, all those who shared comments on it, all of the interest by so many people from around the world, and all of the media and fans who have been so great in getting the word out. Also, special thanks to Great Plains Publications and Jenna Young for going the extra mile in promoting Ain't Got No Cigarettes. 

We won't be bugging you anymore this year, so y'all be safe now! We worry about each and every one of you and want nothing but the best for you, your family and friends but you got to do your part and look after yourselves. All the best to you and Happy Christmas & New Year! And in memory of John Lennon, Happy Xmas, war is over... if you want it!" 


September. 2005 

"Ain't Got No Cigarettes" is being released in Canada in September. Available online here on this site! Worldwide delivery! US release is anticipated for Spring 2006, don't wait - get it here now! 

The unofficial book launch is in Calgary at the Canadian Country Music Week at McNally Robinson on the Stephen Avenue Walk on September 10, 2005. Signing and Singing at 7 p.m. @ 120 8th Ave SW 

Lyle is also anticipated to appear at various events at Country Music Week in Calgary from September 9-13 and on Calgary's Big Breakfast Show on September 12th or 13th. 

The official book launch is in Winnipeg at McNally Robinson at Grant Park on September 27, 2005. Signing and Singing at 7 p.m. @ 1120 Grant Ave. 

Check out all new updates throughout this site including a new bio, book info and photos! 

Style was spotted working on the set of CBS's Category 7: The End of the World. Style was heard to comment that he's hoping to land the lead role on Category 8.


Check out a new interview with Mr. E Style at 

Check your local media and here for many upcoming appearances! 

Update: Feb. 2005 

2005 is shaping up to be an eventful year! 

Lyle's book on Roger Miller Ain't Got No Cigarettes will be released late summer 2005 on Great Plains Publications. Note the new working title from the original Old Friends: Fuzzy Memories of Roger Miller. 

Style has an EP anticipated to be released at the same time as the book with hopes of a full length CD in late 2005. Tracks being considered are originals Our Love Is Like (an Answering Machine), I Look At My Wife, a cover of Put Another Log On The Fire and his version of an uncut Roger Miller song. 

Why was there no news in 2004? Mostly because Style was in pre- production for everything for 2005. He also apparently got his doctorate and was involved in the development of the study of Elapsomnia, Naturaltarianism and politics as seen on 

Critics accused Style of cruelty while waiting in line at The Magic Kingdom late December 04 in Florida when he unknowing asked conjoined twins if they were related and then asked who was older. Style claims he didn't realize they were twins or conjoined until they got on the ride and at that point it was too late to apologize. He also added I'm not very good at talking to kids... I just don't know what to say. 

After driven crazy by thousands of crying children in The Happiest Place on Earth a.k.a. Disneyworld, Style vowed to go for a circumcision when he got back to Canada so he never has to have kids. I don't want kids, don't get me wrong there may be some good ones out there somewhere but I don't want to take my chances. ...If a mistake were to happen and I did have a kid, I'd have one of those outdoor kids, kind of like out at the farm where they have outdoor dogs. 

Ironically, Lyle has just been given the honor of being the Godfather to Anna which makes her Lyle's third Godchild along with Dylan and Kanesha. 

Style yet again was shunned by the Juno and Grammy committees who neglected to ask him to perform or present at this year's ceremonies. When asked to comment on the situation he said Why do you try to hurt me? and then hung up on us. 

If you are planning on getting married in Winnipeg or anywhere in Manitoba, Style is a marriage commissioner and has some dates available – anytime/anywhere/anything goes - email for details. 

Style is in developmental stages on a series of documentaries on music. Stay tuned.


News 2003Updated October 17th 2003 



"There's nothing worse than watching your heroes die." It is with great regret we say goodbye to two huge talents: Johnny Cash and Sheb Wooley. Lyle was fortunate to spend time with both of these amazing people. 

Johnny Cash had more influence on Lyle than any other artist. It was by becoming a fan of Johnny that he was introduced to other music geniuses like Roger Miller, Merle Haggard, Waylon, Willie, etc... There was nothing better than a Johnny Cash show - we hope you had a chance to see him and hopefully meet him. Johnny Cash had a 

presence unlike any other, there was something bigger than life about him. Everyone at Electric Recordings would like to thank Johnny for the memories, the music and for being the ultimate role model. It's just a matter of time that Johnny is nominated for Sainthood - and we mean that. 

Sheb Wooley was an awesome actor, songwriter, entertainer and all-round person. He was active in the recording/film industry practically since it begun. He was a role model to many entertainers like Bobby Bare, Kris Kristofferson and especially Roger Miller who was his younger cousin. Sheb added many stories for Style's 

upcoming book "Old Friends: Fuzzy Memories of Roger Miller". 

Just two weeks prior to his passing, Sheb sent Lyle an email "I can hardly wait to see your book... I know it will be successful..." - unfortunately, he couldn't wait, but we're sure he'll be the first to see it when it's complete. Thanks Sheb for memories, the friendship and for your many contributions to the entertainment industry. 

The world is a better place because of them. They'll be missed everyday. 

On a brighter note: Lyle successfully got married on September 19. All went well, Angela and Style are currently in the process of living happily forever after.

Finally in News: Style claims to have discovered the long sought after secret to happiness! “The secret to happiness is low expectations and to never judge”.

We all hope you are having a fantastic and safe 2012! We continue to hope that the Mayans just got lazy towards the end and just said “to hell with it” and that’s the reason the Mayan Calendar ends this year. And if not, good luck and thanks for doing it with Style!


WINTER 2011-12

Be sure to follow Style on Twitter @mrestyle - get offended in real time!

Style is scheduled for Septoplasty surgery on November 29th, if he lives; he is hoping the result is a singing voice that people will take interest in. He also told us that he’s going for surgery at this point in his life because wants to get his breathing fixed right in case he has more children as he doesn’t want them to inherit that problem.

Style’s comments to his professors at the University of Manitoba and on the University institution in general were ill received resulting in him not being welcome at his own graduation earlier this year. His invite to attend the convocation ceremony never arrived and he did not even find out when it was until after the fact. Style was quite upset as he purchased a new cane, old-man glasses and a pipe to wear to the ceremony. “The whole time I was taking those brutal classes I visualized myself accepting my diploma as a grumpy old man and cherishing the resulting photo for years to come. Not being invited was the ultimate slap in the face. The funny thing is they claimed they couldn’t find me to invite me to my grad yet since I graduated, I’ve been contacted by them many times asking for donations!”

Since Style still has no clue what he will be doing with his Bachelor of Arts degree, he has expressed interest IF he goes back to get an official doctorate that he will be studying why people don’t hiccup or sneeze in their sleep along with a thesis determining whether if a person inhales or exhales at the exact moment they fall asleep if they are inevitably destined to have a good dream or a bad dream. The staff here, (as always) wish him luck with his ventures.

On a trip to Branson this summer, Style encountered a day from hell thanks to brutal customer service at the Holiday Inn in Sioux City. It was obvious Style was heading South yet the front desk staff neglected to tell him the Interstate was closed from Sioux City to the Missouri border which led to a full day of back and forth detours, a major speeding ticket while lost on the back-roads somewhere in Montgomery County Iowa and a day lost that was to be spent in Kansas. On the way back, Style purposely avoided Sioux City by going through Des Moines and there, had his vehicle vandalized by someone throwing a full can drink over an overpass on the Interstate going 65 miles an hour. “Iowa taught me a lot of painful lessons and how ten seconds of customer service could have saved hundreds of dollars, hundreds of miles, and hours upon hours of time. Next time I go down South, I’m planning on driving around Iowa. I used to love that State and Holiday Inns but I feel betrayed and it’s clear that they certainly don’t love me.”

Style felt welcome as soon as he arrived in his old stomping grounds of Branson, Missouri when he saw a protester on the main strip with a sign and shirt saying "Country Music Is A Front For The Drug Cartel". Style spent weeks trying to find that person again without any luck. He apologizes for not having a photo with him made available to the public. 

Congratulations to Absurd Machine on the release of their movie Aegri Somnia which has been receiving great reviews. This is the horror movie that Style was supposed to be in but was banned to appear due to his union membership.

Style was seen at the Canadian Country Music Week in Winnipeg this year however to everyone's surprise was not chosen to showcase. Apparently having a first of its kind book on Roger Miller featuring some of the biggest stars in the history of Country Music and a completely unique CD wasn't good enough to do a free show for the Canadian Music Industry. This has been thirteen years in a row that Style has been snubbed. When asked for a comment, Style said "I don't care anymore, I don't want to force feed my music or any of my other ventures to people who aren't interested. I hope all those chosen to showcase did well and the opportunity leads to good things for them." 

It is rumored that at the Canadian Country Music Week, Style approached an industry ‘big wig' to introduce himself and ask for some advice. The ‘big wig' said "If my name was Lyle E Style, I'd kill myself." Style sort of laughed and then the ‘big wig' said "No, I'm serious. That's the only way people will ever take you seriously." Style's manager Kitsalano agreed with the ‘big wig' and that it would be a great way to market the new CD, Kitsalano asked Style to seriously consider it. Style told him he had too much to live for and the two haven't spoken since. Style dropped nearly a grand to attend the conference and he was disappointed that the only advice he received was to kill himself. 

TMZ recently spotted Style with a smoking pipe in his mouth. Style informed us that he was considering going back to university but he didn't have the time or the money so instead, he decided to start walking around in public with a pipe in his mouth to make him look smarter. He did want us to mention, he doesn't actually smoke, he just keeps it in his mouth to look cool. Good luck with that Mr. E Style…


We hope you enjoy the changes to our website, check back often for new updates!

- Be sure to check out your favourite music download store if you’d like to download Style’s new album!

- On behalf of Style, his family and the gang here at Electric Recordings, have a safe and joyous holiday season!

News Spring 2008

Howdy folks, we hope life is treating all of you swell. It's been a while since we've been filled you in on the life and times of Mr. E Style. Things with the CD have been coming along, apparently not enough from stopping Lyle from getting busy with his wife. Yes, the rumours are true – STYLE is going to be a DAD. Who would have guessed??


The latest rumour is he hasn't spoken to his wife since the ultrasound because he didn't think the baby looked anything like him. Style couldn't be contacted for a comment however everyone here at the office has no doubt that it's his baby based on its potbelly.


Photos have turned up on the internet of Style at the Betty Ford Clinic just outside of Palm Springs. Style claims that he wasn’t a patient but was checking it out because a lot of his heroes spent time there. Us at the office wonder the real reason as we can’t help but think of his lyric "Fighting for my privacy, Betty Ford Destiny, million dollar tour bus going round, town to town" from his song, "That’s What I Wanna Be". Photo: Style outside of Betty Ford Clinic courtesy of TMZ.

Style was seen on the golf courses in Palm Springs, this photo showed up on the internet and it appears Style stuck to the mini-golf courses.



Lyle apparently spent all proceeds from the sales of his CD on a haircut in Palm Springs by a guy who was Johnny Carson’s personal hairstylist and also worked on The Sonny & Cher Show. Style told the guy "short on the sides and back, spiky on the top". The guy proceeded to snip a tenth of an inch, Style stopped him and repeated the request of short hair, the guy proceeded to snip two tenths of an inch, Style stopped him again and he proceeded to cut three tenths of an inch of hair. Style quit telling the guy how short he wanted his hair as the stylist told him that this is the best he can do. Style left the shop with the exact hair length he had three days earlier. It wasn’t until leaving the shop Style realized that someone who cuts Johnny Carson’s hair does it every day except on weekends and that three tenths of an inch is the shortest he can cut hair. "It was the weirdest haircut I ever had, I had to go for another haircut just a few days later, I wish I had known in advance what I was getting into." Photo: Style with his son AJ in Palm Springs three days before getting a haircut.

Here are some recent reviews and media related stuff:

"Lyle has a sound that makes every song unique. He has uncovered some real gems by some great songwriters in this CD. Great listening!" - Music Legend Bobby Goldsboro

Lyle E Style Cutting Room Floor -- The concept is cool: Raspy retro-rocker Style unearths unrecorded tunes by Roy Orbison, Buddy Holly, Waylon Jennings and his hero Roger Miller. The execution isn’t bad either: The menu of ‘50s-style rockabilly, twangy country and bluesy rock is smartly underproduced and presented with a wink. And as for Style’s quirky originals: Glad they didn’t end up you-know-where. - The Winnipeg Sun

When country singer-songwriter Lyle E Style asked whether his musical heroes had any unrecorded songs, he got the answer he was hoping for: they did. And so Cutting Room Floor was born. The album contains unreleased songs written by legends Roger Miller, Waylon Jennings, Roy Orbison and Buddy Holly, along with nine originals. With those names come mighty big boots to fill, but there’s a lot of cowboy under Style’s hat. The whiskey-soaked vocals sound at times reminiscent of Kenny Chesney and at other times like Jeff Tweedy, all the while remaining unique. Style shows great respect for his musical forefathers while carving out his own path in the industry and on the scene. While it’s no Mermaid Avenue, this serving of songs by renowned writers and performers is pretty OK. - Brandon Bertram, The Uniter

Canadian singer/songwriter and author, Lyle E Style’s new release "Cutting Room Floor" on Absurd Machine Records is a gem, full of songs written by many of my all time songwriters. If you have read Lyle’s book, "Ain’t Got No Cigarettes", about the one and only Roger Miller, you’ve got to add "Cutting Room Floor" to your musical collection. If you haven’t read the book, you should give it a try. Well written songs, many written several years back, that for whatever reason never made it to a major label, were selected by Lyle for this album. Lyle added his own "style" and painted the songs with a 2008 coat, to come up with a "must have" musical expression.

Lyle has spent many years interviewing friends and acquaintances of the great Roger Miller for his book, and accidentally found many of the songs for this album. A song like, "Am I Ever Gonna Find It", co-written by Buddy Holly, Graham Kilsby and Scotty Turner, had been misplaced, but not forgotten, when Scotty found the lyrics in an old worn out guitar case of his. Are we glad he did! The song captures a raw Buddy Holly early contribution to the Treasury of Rockabilly. Scotty Turner is considered to be one of the pioneers of Rockabilly music.

Bill Dees, who co-wrote many hits with Roy Orbison, wrote the first cut on the CD, "Hold Onto That Feeling", and also co-wrote "River Queen" with Lyle. A Waylon Jennings and Troy Seals uncut song "Ain’t That a Hoot", didn’t pass the record company’s editing team back when it was first written, but is starting to fit in today.

Lyle wrote many of the clever and entertaining songs himself, and surrounded himself with the finest musicians, to finalize a product that stacks up very well with other releases this year. "Ghost Story", an uncut demo by Roger Miller, had great "style". - Tony Ansems (President of the Songwriters of Wisconsin International)


Combating the sameness

"Singer-songwriter does things his own way on new CD" - Curran Faris, The Uniter

Lyle E Style occupies that increasingly rare point on the country music continuum that’s far away from generic Top 40 pop country and that’s exactly how he likes it. After living in Vancouver and Nashville, trying to catch his big break, the 37-year-old returned to his native Winnipeg and signed to Absurd Machine Records. That label has released his new album, Cutting Room Floor.

Style’s musical career began nearly 20 years ago, performing in high school rock bands. Speaking by phone from his vacation spot in Palm Springs, Style said that at that time, country music was the cringe-inducing music his parents listened to. Like so many country song clichés, Style got into the genre after an encounter with an early girlfriend. "I think [I got into country music] when I broke up with my first girlfriend. I never understood country music whatsoever" Once I got dumped, I started to understand all those country songs and I started realizing that a lot of those songs were stories and I really got hooked on them," Style said.

Since that initial heartbreak, Style has been perfecting his brand of stripped down Americana and digging deep into country music’s history. His research culminated in his first book, 2005’s Ain’t Got No Cigarettes: Memoirs of Music Legend Roger Miller and his record Cutting Room Floor. Style said artists like Miller, Willie Nelson and Waylon Jennings were huge influences and sources of inspiration on his own music"and he’s always preferred the rare, hard-to-find tracks from his favourite artists. "I just found that some of the stuff that wasn’t commercial was just so creative and so cool and I just try to take pieces of that and throw it into my music."

Cutting Room Floor harnesses Style’s love for obscure songs, as it features renditions of previously unreleased songs by Buddy Holly, Roy Orbison and the aforementioned Miller and Jennings. Relying on his industry connections, most notably producing and songwriting legend Bill Dees, Style poured over dusty demo tapes and even gained permission from Buddy Holly’s widow to compile these rare tracks. The result is an album that’s at once refreshing and historic.

"One of the reasons behind putting out this release is its uniqueness," said Colin Musulak of Absurd Machine Records. "The fact that there’s a story behind it makes it special."

Style said he always tries to do things that haven’t been done before. "The one thing I’ve heard time and time again from spending so much time in Nashville and Branson, and I was lucky enough to spend time with my heroes, and they’ve all said there’s a ‘sameness’ in country music," Style said. Ain’t Got No Cigarettes and Cutting Room Floor are his way of combating that sameness.

"Nobody has ever written a book on Roger Miller and nobody has ever released a record like I’ve just released" No one has ever found unreleased songs by Roy Orbison, Waylon Jennings, Roger Miller and Buddy Holly, so I’m pretty proud of the fact that I’ve hunted these songs down."

Fall 2008

It's not often a guy has two babies within two months of each other! Cutting Room Floor is unofficially released & Mr. E Style's other baby is officially released!

Cutting Room Floor is available here exclusively online now! The first of its kind concept album featuring Style's versions of previously unreleased songs written by Buddy Holly, Roy Orbison, Roger Miller, Waylon Jennings & more is now available. 


On July 3rd, Style's life changed for the better when his boy Austin John was born. He was 8lbs, 3oz – just a few months later, he's doubled in size! He is a healthy and happy (already smiling & giggling). He is also a looker, just like his Mom. Unfortunately for Style, it was the placenta that was a splitting image of him. Considering Style was allergic to children for his whole life, he is enjoying every moment with his new bundle of joy claiming he now knows what contentment is. It was confirmed that he was conscious throughout the delivery, he actually cut the cord and is even changing diapers (without complaining).

It is reported that AJ's middle name was quite the controversy when being named, Style wanted his name to be either Austin Found, Austin Space or Austin Translation but that didn't go over well with the Mrs. When she suggested John after Saint Johnny Cash, Style was sold and a name was agreed upon. Style & his family would like to send out a huge thank you to the excellent staff at St. Boniface Hospital in Winnipeg and all those who sent out congratulations and more for AJ.

Style confirmed it himself that he will be answering to the name Pagu instead of Dad because whenever a kid yells DAD! at a store, twenty heads turn. This way only his head will turn when PAGU! is yelled. It's also interesting to note that AJ is more known than his given names as Mini-Pagu or Spagu since he is the mini version of his Dad (size small – S for small, therefore, Spagu for short). We know, all of us are still shaking our heads over this one too.

An interesting note is that on October 5th, AJ was baptized having perhaps for the first time in history SAME SEX GODPARENTS! 

Style's sister Gaybee (as referred to by Lyle) or Lori (as referred to by the rest of the world) and his wife's sister Gina are AJ's Godparents. 


MARCH 2009

Style is back from his New York City CD Release Party. If you weren’t there, apparently you missed some behind the scenes drama. Style and his manager had yet another major falling out. Style told us via email that ""Kitsalano told me he was looking after all expenses. An hour into the party, I get a call on my cell phone from VISA asking if I was in NYC. I told them I was and they said "good because we noticed you made a purchase for $3700 USD at the Grand Hyatt and we wanted to be sure it was you". I could have died. Kitsalano had my credit card number to book our rooms and flights, I told him I’d look after those since he was looking after everything else. Kits saw me on the phone and just calmly left the party when he saw me look at him. Unbeknownst to me he then changed his room and flight and I haven’t spoken to him or heard from him since. You know I’ve been biting my tongue but I think I need to say it officially, Johnny Kitsalano could win an award for the worst manager in history, not only did he use my credit card when he said he was looking after all the expenses but he banned the use of recorders and cameras at the release party for everyone including all invited media. Apparently he even told the press I would be unavailable for interviews! I didn’t hear of that until after the party when someone shouted out at me from the lobby that The New York Times would have done something on the release if they were only allowed to take a few photos and talk to me about it. Then they said "but thanks for all the Scotch and Sushi". I mean, why even bother having a CD release party all the way in New York when there’s no public record of it? I have no idea what goes on in that Kitsalano’s head, I think he may be trying to sabotage my career." Shown are the only photos we know of from the release party that someone took outside the Manhattan Ballroom at the Grand Hyatt.

Style did apparently enjoy his trip to New York and spent some quality time at The Paley Center For Media where he got to see for the first time the premiere episode of The Roger Miller Show, some episodes of The Tonight Show with Roger as a guest and some amazing footage from three episodes of the 1973 series, The Bobby Darin Show. Could a Bobby Darin book be in Style’s future??

Also in New York, Style paid tribute to his late heroes by visiting the sites where they played including Andy Kaufman at Carnegie hall (Style was apparently lost trying to find it but didn’t have it in him to ask a stranger "how do I get to Carnegie Hall" in fear of getting the "practice, practice, practice" response). He did eventually find it and said it was amazing being there where so many of his heroes have been before him. Style also told us "It was surreal walking through Central Park walking by the same trees as John Lennon walked by and then standing there at the Dakota where he lived and then seeing the spot where he was gunned down. It was an emotional experience."  Photo: Style outside The Dakota where Lennon lived and was shot.

We’re sad to say another one of Lyle’s friends and heroes passed away last month, Scotty Turner, who was featured in Style’s book and has a song on his CD. Scotty wrote many great songs and contributed to the music industry in a very positive way being instrumental in the careers of Waylon Jennings and Roy Clark just to name a few. Style is probably the latest recording artist to cut one of Scotty’s songs, this time it was the song he co-wrote with Buddy Holly, "Am I Ever Gonna Find It". R.I.P. in Rock ‘n Roll Heaven Scotty!

Style has been getting slack and even banned from some radio stations because of his song "I Look At My Wife" as it insinuates that marriage is a "living hell". Style text messaged us this: I have no idea what they r talking about, the song lyric is "as I walk into another dimension of what they call a living." Then the next line is "Hell, she’s yelling at the kids...". The lyrics are even in the liner notes! I love marriage, it’s the best thing to ever happen to me, to be banned from radio over something like this is ridiculous.

You may be interested in knowing Style’s cancelled world tour is now being dubbed "The Disappointment Tour". T-shirts are anticipated shortly for anyone interested. Check back for links to purchase.


Do it with Style in New York City! The official "Cutting Room Floor" CD release party is taking place in NYC on Saturday, February 21st. It’s an open invitation to all fans and media to join Style at the Grand Hyatt New York at 109 East 42nd Street at Grand Central Terminal in the Manhattan Ballroom from 9pm-midnight. Style’s manager Johnny Kitsalano is looking after all drinks and hor'derves including providing a free CD to the first 200 people! Get there early! Sorry but Mr. Kitsalano announced there are no cameras or recorders allowed.

We start the year off with this press release: 2009 Lyle E Style World Tour! 200 cities in 222 days including ALL 67 Canadian cities! The 2009 Lyle E Style World Tour was officially announced on January 19th at 10am Central Time. It appears Style spent the better part of his Palm Springs "vacation" planning this historic and sure to be exhausting tour. Unfortunately, at 4pm Central Time that very day, Style cancelled the tour after catching up on some reading that afternoon when coming across some horrible and insulting reviews on his CD from various Canadian publications. Style told us over the phone "To hell with me for doing something original in the music industry. If this is what I'm in for in Canada, why bother? The tour is cancelled. We planned to hit every Canadian city, my home country, it took months and countless hours to plan. It was going to be an epic journey. I don't even feel like hitting the rest of the world. My family and I have invested all of our savings and my personal income since the early 90s in the music industry and to have the result of all that work and investment ripped apart like that hurts. I don't mind having my work criticized but they turned the title of the album into the theme of their reviews, that, and my cheesy name made me and the CD an easy target. I know I'm not the best singer in the world, or even on my block and I have never claimed to be but I stand behind the album 100%, this is the first album ever released like this and you’d think you could find something positive in seeing an artist doing something original in an industry of copycats. That, plus Dr. Rage’s guitar solos are unbelievable, you’d think they’d at least send the musicians a compliment. You know, some critics are calling the unreleased songs by some of my heroes so good that I'm an idiot to release my original songs, my babies, next to them. My songs took years to write and re-write, to have them all called ugly hurts. Each one was written on topics or with angles that I've never heard written about before, that took a lot of work. Other critics call the unreleased songs by my heroes horrible and they weren't recorded because they weren't good. To hell with me for appreciating their songwriting I guess. I'm sorry my favourite songs aren't just their number one radio hits. I think their music goes way deeper than the hits, I stand behind the unreleased songs that we chose and believe me, there were many to choose from, two of the songs weren't recorded because they died tragically, not because they didn't want to record them! The songs chosen are the ones that struck me as a fan of theirs. On top of that, the CD is a result of first hand advice I got from my musical heroes, 'take risks and be original'. That's what we set out to do on this album. I think what hurt the most was one critic said ‘this album will leave you scratching your head as to what’s the point of this album’. That comment is the main reason for cancelling the tour, like he said ‘what’s the point?’ I guess you can say ‘what’s the point of anything’. You know, for the record, for years, all I heard in the music biz at all these pricey music conventions I'd attend across North America, was they are looking for something different, I thought I was filling a demand, apparently I was wasting their time, and there is nothing worse to me than wasting anyone's time. I'd hate to waste their time by giving them free tickets to a show, so for now, there are no more shows. My sincere apologies to anyone out there that wanted to come to a show and in case you’re wondering, I did all the plans myself so no agents invested any time or money in this tour. The only one who’s loses out is myself and perhaps my manager who takes 25% commission off the top of everything and he didn’t invest five minutes of work into this tour." Photo: Style outside The Parker Palm Springs taking a break from planning the world tour.

Since cancelling the world tour, it’s rumoured that Style is thinking of starting a new business for women who are breastfeeding their babies. Apparently since becoming a father, Style has mastered the art of telling "which boob is next" as it seems some nursing mothers have a hard time remembering which breast was used for their last feeding. Style is batting a 100% success rate. At the office we are having a hard time trying to figure out exactly how he would make this a feasible business, perhaps via webcam??

MAY - JUNE 2009

Happy Birthday to Mr. E Style who celebrates his 38th birthday on May 18th, he doesn’t look at day over 50.

It was anonymously reported that Style went to church on Mother’s Day and caused a scene in front of the entire congregation when he was slapped by an unidentified person immediately after receiving communion for reasons unknown (to us). Style wouldn’t comment any further except to confirm it was true and ask us how in the hell we found out about this. He also asked us to please not post this online but it’s what the label pays us to do - good or bad. Sorry Yayo.

After Style getting slapped in the face by critics across Canada and even into the UK for releasing a CD to the public, we are pleased to bring you this FIVE out of FIVE Star Review for Cutting Room Floor by Maverick Magazine:

Outrageously brilliant album that tips its Stetson to the past giants of both country and rock and roll.

This fourteen-track release by Style is simply something else. A man who obviously doesn’t make an album by conventional methods of obtaining some material, whether it be their own or by other writers, then recording it until it sounds about right and then releasing it. Although eight of the songs are originals by Style, there are three which are his versions of unreleased tracks by some legendary and much-missed artists.

Am I Ever Gonna Find It is one such unreleased track by Buddy Holly. Given permission to record his own interpretation by Buddy’s widow Maria Elena Holly as he sung it to her over the phone, this is a version which I’m sure the great man would not disapprove of. Having wanted his music to become loved, this wish has achieved even further recognition by Style’s efforts. Being just over 2 ½ minutes long, it’s length is very apt of Holly’s work and is full of some Buddy style picking and helped out by backing singers sounding much better than The Picks ever did. As I have found out most recently, it is a great driving song that anybody would find difficult not to enjoy. Roy Orbison and Bill Dees’ Hold Onto That Feeling starts off the album with a very fine country rock sound that resonates Orbison’s style which he was most famous for producing. Like Holly’s track, it too has a short duration but the quality it packs into that small space of time is phenomenal. Harmonies are superb once again and with a stonking guitar solo in the middle it really is quite a track to hear. Like many songs’s recorded by Orbison and his rock and roll contemporaries it could have been extended to being much longer. Waylon Jennings’s Ain’t That A Hoot also finds itself appearing on the album. It too an unreleased track, it has a stuttering but effective beat that, as with Holly’s and Orbison’s songs, excels quality from every angle you can find. Great harmonies, as well as what can only be described as exceedingly good electric guitar picking finds itself included in this track that barely lasts the 2 ½ minute mark. Oh how I wish for this song to be longer.

The material of Holly, Jennings and Orbison aren’t just the only guys covered but also some of Style’s own work. You might ask does it match up to the legends he has decided to cover? Damn right it does. I Look At My Wife has a very rolling-off-the-tongue batch of lyrics that are downright hilarious. Telling of the possible drudgery of married life, it is to Style’s credit that he makes what could have turned out to be a depressive scenario into a song which must have been listened near on a dozen times by yours truly. I’m sure that the same has happened to others who have heard this quite sublime track. Until Next Time really is an oddball of a tune that is just so appealing and quite excellent. A combination of a pep talk and thanking you for buying this album, it enters Twin Peaks territory when you hear towards its conclusion a random voice talking. As he writes in the album sleeve, this is the voice of his Grandfather Gido who Style had recorded. Sadly passed away and despite Style regarding him as "the most miserable man I’ve ever met or heard of in my life", this different approach to song crafting certainly works. If a lesser-talented artist had attempted this, they would have failed. But with Style, he excels beyond all expectations.

Being a really fine, and indeed intriguing album, Cutting Room Floor is definitely worth catching and will surely not disappoint. His surname sums this guy up perfectly: Style. And there’s plenty to go around. RH

Style also took out this ad in Maverick Magazine which has been labelled as “inappropriate”, “disturbing to look at”, “in poor taste” and “offensive” by some even though it’s 100% accurate:



Style performed at a fundraiser for the Manitoba Writers’ Guild on May 13th. If you’d like to listen to a podcast of the performance, it is probably available here:

Style himself has asked us over the telephone to ask people to stop sending him hate-mail about his blogs and the quotes on his Bio page of this website. “Having a blog on the website wasn’t my idea, I was told that it would be a smart thing to do. They’re just little pieces of my mind, I don’t even know what the hell I’m supposed to write about in a blog, and I stand behind my quotes as posted. You know, I get emails every day or two by people who think my blogs and quotes are ridiculous and offensive. It’s as though I’m forcing them to read them, and I’m not. I’m not sure why people read or listen to things they don’t like, isn’t it easier to stop and go on with your life instead of getting all offended and then giving me a hard time about it?? Come on.”

We’re going to close with a yet another bizarre occurrence in the life and times of Mr. E Style: Style has possibly made the biggest slip-up of his career. One that has turned into an epic viral phenomenon that has been forwarded to countless people around the globe when he sent out a FYI email about his 5 out of 5 star review in Maverick Magazine to people on his mailing list. The problem, it accidently included a very personal back and forth email with his manager at the bottom of the email. It has been confirmed that this attempt at a marketing email is being used as the prime example of a “what not to do” in computer and music marketing courses across North America including success seminars put on by Jack Canfield. When we contacted Johnny Kitsalano for comment, he told us “Style is an idiot” and then hung up the phone. When we phoned Style for comment, he stated it was an honest mistake and “I was just trying to make Kitsalano happy for the first time in his life and I should have taken a look at it before I clicked ‘send’. The whole email thing was his idea, I don’t like bragging or sending out mass emails. Honestly, I don’t care who reads it at this point, if anything, it says more about my famed manager who is abusive, just in it for the money, and overall just useless than it does about me.” Style confirmed Kitsalano hasn’t spoken to him since the email was sent out. If you haven’t already received the email by someone, here it is to appease your curiosity [note the bottom of email]:

To: Undisclosed Friends of Style
Cc: 'Johnny Kitsalano'
Subject: Touchin' Base and an FYI - 5/5 Star Review

Just a note to say “hey” and to give you a heads up on probably the best review to date on “Cutting Room Floor” from this May’s issue of Maverick Magazine in the UK.  5/5 Stars! See attached if interested. While writing the Roger Miller book, I’d always ask my heroes for advice on making it in the music industry, many of them advised me to take risks which is exactly what we did in the production/writing of the album. Granted the album is unlike anything out there, some people get it, some don’t. That said, I appreciate your ongoing support on this CD project and on the book.

Other than that, things with me are going great, being a Dad is way better than I could have ever imagined. Austin John (AJ) is going to be ten months old, he’s already learning to walk and talk, he’s without a doubt the best thing to happen to me.

BTW, if you happen to be in Winnipeg on May 13th, I’m performing at a fundraiser for the Manitoba’s Writers Guild at Aqua Books @ 274 Garry St from 7-9pm. Info at

Thanks for your time and hope life is treating you and yours well.

Lyle E Style - Cutting Room Floor CD available for purchase and download worldwide now!

 "5 out of 5 Stars... Outrageously brilliant album... Being a really fine, and indeed intriguing album, Cutting Room Floor  is definitely worth catching and will surely not disappoint. His surname sums this guy up perfectly: Style. And there’s plenty  to go around." - Maverick Magazine  

 "Lyle has a sound that makes every song unique. He has uncovered some real gems by some great songwriters in this CD. Great  listening!" - Music Legend Bobby Goldsboro

If you haven't already, check out the first book ever written on the King of The Road, Roger Miller:

"I find it exceptional. A must-read book!"- Legendary DJ Bill Mack

" of the best-ever 'reads' on a country music star, and country music in general." - Country Music News

"...through a quirk of deliberate or accidental genius, what Style has actually assembled is a living document of country music in its hootin', hollerin' outlaw heyday."  - The New York Times

From: Johnny Kitsalano []
Sent: Sunday, April 26, 2009 4:38 PM
To: Lyle E Style
Subject: Re: RE: email that maverick review

Get comfortable. i left details on your voicemail mr. father of the year too busy to answer his cell. cc me on it. if you don't do it, i will, 400 cash, send scan,emails, cash first...

----- Original Message -----
From: Lyle E Style 
Date: Sunday, April 26, 2009 3:30 pm
Subject: RE: email that maverick review
To: 'Johnny Kitsalano' 

Johnny, you always have a way of brightening my day. I don’t feel comfortable bothering everyone I’ve ever met to let them know about a good review. I know if I got an obvious mass email from someone about a good CD review I’d think they were desperate for attention, and I think they were a jerk for wasting my time. I don’t even know what I would write in it anyway.

If you have any idea how I won’t look like a jerk, let me know, but for the record, I don’t want to do this. BTW, sue me if you want, I’m the one taking the hit on everything and you know it. AND I haven’t forgotten NYC, I’m paying 19% interest on that!

From: Johnny Kitsalano []
Sent: Sunday, April 26, 2009 2:15 PM
Subject: email that maverick review

Style,you’re an idiot if you don’t forward that maverick review to everyone you ever met. you should be ashamed of yourself/sales. you better get them up or you’ll be looking for new rep. and i’ll sue for time spent, no joke. 50% of your intake isa joke you should be cutting me in for 90. maybe if you spent more time promoting/giggin and less time workin on your “craft” and being so ”deep”’, people would get your  music and start playing it /paying for it. get on it now....

Since Style is running out of cash to do more frequent web updates and is behind in paying his staff at the office, he requested that we include this message:

“On behalf of myself, my family, and probably my staff, I would like to wish you and yours all the best this Christmas, New Years and/or Holiday Season and for that matter, always. May you all be safe, healthy, content and happy in every way possible!”


Style upset Christians globally when he stated in a recent interview “The lowest point of my life was when I turned 34 years old and I realized that I lived to be older than Jesus. I just felt and still feel horrible that I haven’t accomplished half the things he did two thousand years ago.” Style claims the quote was just stating a fact and wasn’t meant to offend anyone.

Surprisingly Style publicly announced that he has converted religions and is now officially a Corinthian. He claims that he was inspired by the Bible and all the great letters written to the Corinthians. He is excited about the conversion as he tells us, that now, he doesn’t have to go to church anymore, he just has to check the mailbox and read the mail.

When asked about seeing any new movies in a recent interview, Style upset fans of the Transformers after stating “I found Transformers 2 to be a little farfetched, at times.” Style claims the quote was just his opinion and as all opinions means little to nothing at all.

Style upset Michael Jackson fans worldwide after posting a blog about Michael faking his own death. Style claims as per a contract set up by his manager (Johnny Kitsalano), he legally has to post, at minimum, a blog quarterly, and this was the topic that came to mind. Style wanted us to quote him as saying “I don’t encourage anyone to read anything they don’t want to, listen to anything they don’t want to, or look at anything or do anything they don’t want to; so if you don’t want to read, listen or look at anything to do with me, please don’t, it won’t hurt my feeling.” We asked him if that was “feelings” or “feeling”, he said “feeling” – perhaps that means he only has one left. If that sounds like he is being mean to anyone, he also stated to us that he still wants “everyone to live long, happy, safe, content, and healthy lives.”

It comes as no surprise to anyone that yet again, Style has not been chosen to showcase or perform at the Canadian Country Music Week & Awards Show - this year taking place in his old stomping grounds, Vancouver, BC. This marks the 15th anniversary of Style being formally rejected. Style said to us on the phone “I guess the Canadian Country Music Industry wants nothing to do with me, and that’s fine with me. I wish them lots of success, I’ll pursue things on my own, just like I’ve done since I started. My problem is that I never sold out to what’s in now, and I can live with myself for that. I’m proud of what I accomplished and of my releases, if the CCMA doesn’t like me or my stuff or creativity, well, to hell with me. That’s alright, I wish them and the industry... well.”

Style wasn’t nominated for any awards in any category and will not be presenting anything nor attending the Country Music Awards this year and doesn’t anticipate attending them anytime in the near future. Style added, “The only time I get acknowledged by the CCMA is when it’s time for me to send them another cheque to renew my membership. Maybe they’ll acknowledge my work when I’m dead, and I promise to be very patient for that acknowledgement.” After a long, uncomfortable pause, Style added “Perhaps I should issue a public apology for pursuing a career in the entertainment business in Canada. That would probably make most industry people feel a lot better about themselves and for them not returning my phone calls and/or emails.”

When asked what he was going to be doing instead of going to the CCMAs, Style answered “For the last twenty years or so, off and on, I’ve been trying to do a pencil sketch of a mirror that will work. I still haven’t figured out how to do it, but I will. Perhaps it will happen during the Canadian Country Music Week and it will turn out that things happened for a reason. I’d like to be known as the first person in history to draw a working mirror.” Good luck with that Mr. E Style.

On a brighter note, Style’s son, Austin turned one on July 3rd. Style Twittered us this about AJ: “Time flies with AJ. He’s very smart, active, fast & funny... he can make me smile & laugh like no other. Watching him grow up is the greatest thing I’ve ever witnessed.” This is the one and only Twitter (actually a two part Twitt) that we received from Style and we’ve been given the heads up that he thinks Twitter is ridiculous and wants nothing more to do with it.

We all here at Electric Recordings hope your summer is/was great!

Congratulations to all the winners of Canadian Country Music Awards. When asked about the CCMAs, Style said “The idea of any award show is ridiculous. If they want to acknowledge people’s work, great, I can get behind that. But the idea that someone is better than someone else is a sad idea. And it’s not even about who is better, it’s who is better connected in the industry. It’s a sick game. But I guess someone like myself wouldn’t see the magic of it all when I’m not nominated for anything or I would think that ‘no one is better than anyone else’ because it appears everyone else in the music industry is better than me. I also must say it’s nice to see that the artists that get the most exposure on the Canadian Country Music Awards are Americans. I hear they need our support. I guess the Canadian Country music scene really respects the USA, as do I, it’s crystal clear that if you want to make it as a Canadian country artist in Canada, you should really be based out of Nashville. Don’t get me wrong, I love the United States, I just find it strange how people call it Canadian Country Music when most of it is recorded in the US and the artists live down there. It makes me proud to be Canadian artist.” Style was later seen at the liquor store purchasing a bottle of Glenmorangie Scotch. Style’s wife sent us an email the next day requesting us not to ask him any more questions about the Canadian country music scene.

Speaking of the US, it appears that Style is getting a song cut by a major recording artist in Nashville. Unfortunately, Style didn’t write the song but he can one day impress his Grandchildren with this story.

Complaints have been swarming in to Style’s webmaster, wife, manager and Electric Recordings staff about conversations, emails and interviews where Style is purposely bringing up the statement “Who shot John…” It’s been reported that in the last two months with every interaction with Style, he has worked in the wording “who shot John” at some point. It’s been causing a lot of confusion as to the point of this reference and hopefully he’ll stop doing it soon. Style, when asked for comment said “People are always looking for something to complain about, as far as I’m concerned, this is nothing but a lot of ‘who shot John’ and they need to find more important things to complain about than me.”

It’s rumored that Style has gone back to University but he will not confirm the rumor. We overheard him talking to someone on the phone about Psychology being a violent, negative energy sort of subject because “everyone is arguing about their theories, when in fact, it’s a whole lot of ‘who shot John’ and no one knows what the hell they’re really talking about. I don’t see the point of it…” Later in that conversation he said, “and another class I’m in doesn’t give you marks for correct answers, it only takes away 5% for every wrong one and there’s a hundred places you could get mistakes. So I could get 80% of it right and end up with a zero. It’s a marking system taken right out of Nazi Germany. ” Even when we asked him directly if he was back in university, he wouldn’t answer our question, instead, he shamefully turned away and we believe we saw him wipe a tear from his eye.

Effective immediately and from this date forward, December 5th is officially a “Penny for Style Day” (in North America) and “Copper for Style Day” elsewhere in the world. The concept is that businesses around the world are encouraged to give a penny from every business transaction (that’s right, just a penny per transaction) they have that day and donate it via Paypal to – Style comments “I think the concept is ludicrous, it’s something Kitsalano [Style’s manager] came up with to offset the enormous business expense associated to album promotion, and his absurd fees and commission he charges me. The money brought in will definitely be used to stimulate the economy though, which is a good thing. Kitsalano wants to make it mandatory for every business to participate but I’m not behind that idea at all.” When asked what’s in it for the businesses to participate, Style responded “I guess they can advertise that it’s ‘Penny for Style Day’ and people will think it’s something special, it should draw more business than a copper a transaction and it’s free for customers to participate, just the businesses give a penny from each transaction.” We at Electric Recordings can’t wait to see how this goes over, we already heard Kitsalano has a team of lawyers on retainer for businesses using the concept but not forwarding the fees on.

Style recently introduced his parents to Crystal Gayle to “make up for years of their disappointment” in him. They seemed to enjoy meeting her, however, Style’s Dad was overheard saying that he would have enjoyed it more if Lyle wasn’t there.

The photo with Crystal, Style and his folks is courtesy of Dorothy McDonald.


Due to the underwhelming response in sales of Style’s latest CD, it’s reported that he’s had to take a part-time job as a “Best Before Date Food Taster” to make ends meet. Style claims “It’s a crappy job, I’m sick every other day or so and I’ve noticed some weight gain. I always wondered how they came up with those ‘best before dates’, now I know.”