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"I find it exceptional. A must-read book" says DJ Bill Mack "The Satellite Cowboy!"

"Singer/Songwriter Lyle E Style has put together just the right type of book to celebrate and remember Roger Miller. Rather than churn out the standard biography, Style's work lets the people who really knew, admired and loved him, tell their stories. The result is a book that's sometimes hilarious, sometimes troubling and sometimes poignant, one that gives readers far more detail and insight into the Miller personality than any academic chronicle. As distinctive as he was versatile and unusual, Roger Miller's charm and skill is wonderfully outlined in this valuable account." 
~ Ron Wynn, American Songwriter Magazine

"In this collection of Q. and A.'s with dozens of illustrious country artists and fixtures of the Nashville scene, [Lyle E Style] ostensibly recounts the life of the musician and raconteur Roger Miller, of "King of the Road" and "Dang Me" fame, who died of cancer in 1992. But through a quirk of deliberate or accidental genius, what Style has actually assembled is a living document of country music in its hootin', hollerin' outlaw heyday." 
- The New York Times

Featuring nearly one hundred candid interviews and quotes by:


Biff Adam 
Bill Anderson 
Harry Anderson 
Billy Arr 
Bobby Bare 
Jeannie Bare 
Steve Bess 
Chuck Blore 
Don Bowman 
Bobby Braddock 
Harold Bradley 
Thom Bresh 
Bubba Brown 
Tom Brumley 
Billy Burnette 
Johnny Bush 
John Byner 
Tommy Cash 
Steve Chapman 
Dick Clark 
Roy Clark 
Cowboy Jack Clement 
David Allan Coe 
Gordy Collins 
Helen Cornelius 
Gail Davies 
Jimmy Dean 
Gary Mule Deer 
Little Jimmy Dickens 
Marc Durham 
Buddy Emmons 
Paul English
Shannon Ford 
Fred Foster 
Donnie Fritts 
Mickey Gilley 
Tompall Glaser 
Bobby Goldsboro 
Larry Graham 
Marshall Grant 
Merle Haggard 
Ted Harris 
Randy Hart 
Jan Howard 
Waylon Jennings 
The Jordanaires (Gordon Stoker, Ray Walker) 
Merle Kilgore

Buddy Killen 
Kris Kristofferson 
Rocco Landesman 
Dennis Linde 
George Lindsay 
Bill Mack 
Rick Marcelli 
Glenn Martin 
Captain Midnight 
Bob Moore 
Willie Nelson 
Mickey Newbury 
Jimmy C. Newman 
Robert Oermann 
Dr. Robert Ossoff 
Jim Owen 
Buck Owens 
Ronnie Prophet 
Curly Putnam 
Larry Richstein 
Hargus "Pig" Robbins 
Jimmie Rodgers 
Lee Rollag 
Jeannie Seely 
Robert Shields 
Jean Shepard 
Ron "Iceman" Shumake 
Jimmy Snyder 
Jim Stafford 
Ken Stange 
The Statler Brothers (Harold and Don Reid) 
Marty Stuart 
Billy Swan 
BJ Thomas 
Sonny Throckmorton 
Mel Tillis 
Buck Trent 
Scotty Turner 
Steve Turner 
Steve Wariner 
Tony Joe White 
Don Williams 
Mason Williams 
Norro Wilson 
Sheb Wooley 
Dwight Yoakam 
Reggie Young

Featuring some of the last interviews ever given by: Waylon Jennings, Sheb Wooley, Mickey Newbury, Merle Kilgore & Captain Midnight


Foreword by Country Superstar Toby Keith

Over 300 pages of amazing stories on Roger Miller including:


  • The genius of his lightning-fast wit
  • "Rogerisms" and one-liners
  • The influence he had on his peers
  • Stories from all eras of his life
  • Stories behind the songs including conflicting stories on "King of the Road"
  • Co-writing with Roger
  • In the studio - songs unfinished, techniques used, etc.
  • His record Grammy sweep
  • His network Television Show
  • The King of the Road Hotel
  • His Tony award winning musical Big River
  • Lots of great photos including many never before published
  • Ups and downs of his fame
  • His struggles with drugs and depression
  • His healing hands
  • Eccentric behavior including Lear jet ventures, staying awake for days at a time, getting into fights and walking off stage during concerts
  • Stories from Vegas, Nashville, New York, California, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas and beyond
  • His fight with Cancer
  • For the first time revealed - the real cause of his death.
  • Roger's angel and much more!



Also read fascinating stories about:

  • Elvis Presley
  • Roy Orbison
  • Bobby Darin
  • Johnny Cash
  • Jerry Lee Lewis
  • Faron Young
  • Thumbs Carllile
  • Danny Gatton
  • The truth about drugs in Nashville and in the industry
  • Interviewees' opinions on the current state of the music industry
  • Stories of their own careers and songs
  • The Outlaw Feud - Waylon Jennings vs. Tompall Glaser
  • Behind the scenes of the interviews including being thrown on Willie Nelson's bus
  • Advice from the interviewees on life, songwriting, succeeding in the business and more!


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Comments about the book:

"Lyle, thank you very much for AIN'T GOT NO CIGARETTES! What a perfect title. What an honor to be a part of the book! I was certain you would present a good, honest study of my friend, but ... honestly ... the pages are even better than I expected.

What makes the book most enjoyable is your very well constructed atmosphere while interviewing the various "artists", "songwriters", "producers", etc. What an enjoyable trip! I love the input of such diversified individuals as Sheb Wooley and Tompall Glaser. The obvious feuding attitude of Waylon toward Tompall, and the retaliatory thoughts of Tompall toward Waylon, really brought on some laughs!

Best to you, my friend! AIN'T GOT NO CIGARETTES is a winner all the way!"

Bill Mack 

"Dear Mr. Style: 
I received your book on Monday and I just finished it this evening. You did an amazing job, sir. You could have "googled" Roger Miller and simply put together a compilation of articles and stories that were already written .But you didn't. You chose to tell the man's story through an oral history. I really liked that. A few things about the man did surprise me, e.g., his drug abuse problem and his history of impulsive behavior. Ah, the genius and the madness.

I am so happy I bought the book. Great job. I am envious that you were able to hook up with some real legends in putting this together. I don't believe that we will ever again see the likes of this kind of talent in the music business. Ever."

Sam DiNicola 

"Lyle...The Book is great!!!!! You have put together a wonderful tribute book, my friend and you should be really proud"

Gary Mule Deer

From Laurie Joulie, head writer of and Take Country Back Magazine:

"I got the best book I've read in a long time in the mail this week -- Ain't Got No Cigarettes is a wonderful collection of interviews and memories about the life and music of Roger Miller. It's amazing - author Lyle E Style interviewed everyone from Merle, Waylon, Kris, Tompall, Dwight and many many many more!! 300+ pages!!! I am so impressed with it. I love the layout as well -- you can read it straight through or one interview at a time...

It's worth every penny and does great justice to the legacy of country's greatest genius"


Lyle E Style - Ain't Got No Cigarettes: Memories of Music Legend Roger Miller

from Kathy Coleman 
Guide Rating - 

The Bottom Line

"There are two things that characterize this book over everything else. One is Mr. Style's truly excellent, well, style, as he draws these memories out of some of the most famous and possibly intimidating people in Nashville and across the country; and secondly, Roger Miller was not only a remarkable genius, he had more people crazy about him than probably anyone else in the world."

Pros - Memoirs from Mickey Newbury, Memoirs from Willie Nelson, Memoirs from Buck Owens

Cons - None.



A solid collection of recollections on the life of Roger Miller by those who knew him best.

Published by Great Plains Publications.

Filled with wonderful anecdotes, jokes, as well as heartbreakingly honest and open stories.

Guide Review - Lyle E Style - Ain't Got No Cigarettes: Memories of Music Legend Roger Miller

"The main thing I come away from in reading this book is that Roger Miller was pretty much universally loved by everyone who came in contact with him. Even those who just met him were charmed by him, or impressed by his intellect, or amused by his wit. The other thing is that it must be a universal truth that genius cannot be boxed in or pushed; invariably, it seems from every story in this book, every time Roger was doing very well it was when he was left on his own to record or film or write the way he wanted to. Any time some producer or executive put the strings on him, he failed spectacularly.

I laughed out loud several times reading this book; I felt a lump in my throat many more times. Here was a guy that absolutely no one disliked, and everyone had such wonderful things to say about him I wished I'd gotten the chance to meet him myself. He was funny, he was articulate, he was brilliant. He wrote songs like "When Two Worlds Collide" and "Husbands and Wives." He voiced a cartoon rooster for Disney so children from my generation and beyond will always know his unique voice. He made us laugh. His music still appears on TV in shows like "The Simpsons" or in commercials (and I think Roger himself would laugh at the use of "Chug-A-Lug" to sell milk). Everyone, and I mean everyone, loved him.

Roger Miller passed away far too young, at the age of 56, in October of 1992, of cancer. He left a gigantic void in country music and in the hearts of a lot of people.