Cutting Room Floor

Featuring Style's Versions of UNRELEASED songs written by: 
Waylon Jennings 
Roger Miller 
Buddy Holly 
Roy Orbison

Plus a killer cover of Tompall Glaser's hit "Put Another Log On The Fire" 
And nine Style originals!

Song Samples from Cutting Room Floor Below



1. Hold Onto That Feeling (unreleased song written by Roy Orbison & Bill Dees) 
2. River Queen (written by Bill Dees, Val Dees & Lyle E Style) 
3. Am I Ever Gonna Find It (unreleased song written by Buddy Holly, Scott Turner, Graham Kilsby) 
4. I Look At My Wife (Lyle E Style) 
5. Ain't That A Hoot (unreleased song written by Waylon Jennings & Troy Seals) 
6. Your Love Is Like (Lyle E Style) 
7. Looneyville (Lyle E Style, Louie Lawent) 
8. Cut & Paste (Lyle E Style) 
9. Christmas (Lyle E Style) 
10. Spy Girl (Lyle E Style, Eugene B, Brent Jeffery) 
11. Put Another Log On The Fire (Shel Silverstein) 
12. The Love That's Left Over (Lyle E Style) 
13. Ghost Story (unreleased songs written by Roger Miller) 
14. Until Next Time (Lyle E Style) featuring a visit to Baba & Gido's


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Includes booklet with stories behind the unreleased songs & more!

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