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Lyle has been marrying people for over 25 years in Manitoba. 

Lyle specializes in customized services from casual to formal, any size, any time, anywhere (even at last minute). He is easy going and aims to make everything related to the ceremony as stress-free and enjoyable as possible. No matter what you can expect professionalism and reliability!

Feel free to email Lyle at lylesomething@gmail.com if you have any questions.














The most popular package "Do It With Style" Ceremony… $300

Custom ceremony emailed to you, feel free to edit, use Style’s vows or write your own.

Full access to Lyle via email/text/phone to go over details of ceremony (8am-8pm).

Lyle will perform ceremony in suit and tie. He will arrive approximately 30 minutes in advance to go over paperwork and details of ceremony so everyone is comfortable on what to do and where to stand.

For an extra $75, Lyle will bring a Bose S1 Pro during ceremony so people can hear what is going on (based on dry weather conditions). Depending on the venue, this small PA is great for up to 100 people. This includes one microphone. A larger professional Bose PA is available for an $100 for use during the ceremony.


"Basic" Ceremony… $250

You will hear the ceremony for the first time when you are there, you are welcome to write your own vows or use Lyle’s.

Lyle will perform ceremony in suit and tie and will arrive approximately 30 minutes in advance to go over paperwork and details of ceremony so everyone is comfortable on what to do and where to stand.

Lyle will answer questions via email/text or phone from 8am-8pm.



“Cash is Tight” Ceremony… $200

Lyle will show up (no suit), ask if you are sure you want to do this, sign the registry and then leave. 

This is not a formal ceremony, it’s very short and usually just done with the couple and two witnesses.


"Full Out Really Do It With Style" Ceremony….  (add-ons available) $750

Custom ceremony written and sent out to you via email, feel free to edit as you see fit. You can use the vows Lyle has written, change them up or use your own. 

You are the stars of your special day but even KISS uses an opening act! Lyle will make your ceremony unique by opening the show for you with his choice of wedding appropriate cover songs performed on mandolin or guitar. At your request, he’d be happy to also close the ceremony. Performances are approximately 5-10 minutes long. Lyle E Style has performed on stages across North America and into Europe and was a signed recording artist. Performances are based on dry conditions (no instruments in the rain) and a healthy throat. PA is included.  Includes free “Cutting Room Floor” CD as heard on Outlaw Radio Sirius/XM and beyond.

Unlimited email/text/phone access to discuss details pertaining to the ceremony from 8am-8pm.

Lyle will perform ceremony wearing suit and tie and will arrive approximately 60 minutes in advance to set up, go over paperwork and details of ceremony so everyone is comfortable on what to do and where to stand.

Will include free use of Bose S1 Pro during ceremony so people can hear what is going on (based on dry weather conditions).


All ceremonies include transportation for Lyle within Winnipeg city limits.


ADD-ONS (please email for pricing)

Most ceremonies don’t require Lyle to be there for a rehearsal. He is happy to offer information over the phone for free if you would like to rehearse without him there (hint – check online for tons of free advice as well). If you prefer to have him there, rehearsals for up to one hour long in Winnipeg are $200. It's an extra $75 for going longer (up to 2.5 hours maximum).


People want to hear what’s going on up there! Small PA inlcuding microphone for use during the ceremony, Bose S1 Pro is $75. For larger venues, a Bose L1 system is available including microphones & streaming music for use during the ceremony for $150 (great for audience of 50-500 people). If you have specific music and cues, there will be another person needed so there will be an extra fee of $100. Access to the venue is needed at least one hour prior to the ceremony to set up and do sound check. If you'd like an extra subwoofer for extra bass, add $25.


Most things pertaining to the ceremony can be discussed on the phone with Lyle for free but should you prefer, an in person sit-down is available to discuss ceremony and go through details for up to one hour long in Winnipeg for $200.


Lyle is always on time. If there is more than a 30 minute delay of the ceremony, there will be an additional $75/hour (late fees must be paid in cash prior to the ceremony beginning with a minimum of a one hour late charge).


Prices are based on attendance of 200 people or less. For larger attendance, it is an additional $50 for up to 400 people and $100 for more than 400 people.


After the official ceremony, add a family blending sand ceremony at the signing of the registry table (sand and containers to be provided by wedding party) for additional fee.


Birds, Butterflies, Fire, Rose or any other trending ceremonies: Lyle will do them but you need to provide the wording exactly the way you want it said emailed to him a minimum of 48 hours prior to ceremony at extra fee.


Special Pricing for newlyweds: Lyle E Style “Cutting Room Floor” CD as heard on Outlaw Radio Sirius/XM & beyond - $10. A personalized signed copy of Lyle E Style’s Ain’t Got No Cigarettes: Memories of Music Legend Roger Miller book as seen in publications worldwide including the New York Times. Only $25 Compare at $50 USD and up online!

Exclusively available for Style ceremonies (upon availability): Semi-pro photographer (teacher of photography in high school) with DSLR semi-pro camera will take photos of the ceremony along with posed photos at ceremony location for up to 30 minutes afterward and then the 16gb SD card goes right from her camera into your hands, all photos are your property to print and do with as you please - $400


Travel outside of Winnipeg is 50 cents per km from Lyle’s house but may be negotiated.


Please Note:

Lyle leaves after the ceremony so you do not have to provide him with a meal or drinks. 


Prices subject to change (prices secured when payment/deposit is received). There is no tax on prices listed.


To make things easier, most people make the full payment in advance. A minimum of 50% deposit required to save the date (rebooking allowed if dates are open within 18 months & rescheduling notice is given at least a month in advance). Cancellations are allowed however deposit is non-refundable. If full amount is paid in advance, 50% will be refunded up to one month in advance. If there is a balance due, it must be paid in cash upon arrival at the ceremony. 


Approval is required for posting music performances on any social media or elsewhere for public viewing.


In the unlikely event that Lyle is unable to perform the ceremony (for the record, this has never happened in over two decades of doing this), any fee/deposit will be fully refunded and resources will be given on where to find another marriage commissioner. Lyle also reserves the right to cancel ceremonies if there is concern for his safety, is verbally abused or if there is a clash of personalities (this has never happened in over 25 years of doing this). This has never happened but Lyle reserves the right to cancel without liability in the unlikely event of illness, accident or family emergency, all efforts will be made to have a replacement marriage commissioner arranged and you will receive a refund on any money paid to Lyle in advance. Lyle also reserves to right to cancel up to six weeks prior to the ceremony should there be a scheduling conflict that arises (all fees will be returned - note, again, this has never happened in over 25 years). 


Remember to bring to the ceremony the purchased marriage license (must be done at least 48 hours in advance) and go over all details to ensure the information and spelling is correct. Please bring the self addressed envelope with you so it can be mailed in after ceremony. Note: you will not be given a copy of the license; legal copies must be purchased at Vital Statistics (brochure enclosed when you buy the license). 


Photo ID is required and please have a table available for the signing of the registry.


Current Health and Safety Measures are always followed by Lyle. Your comfort is important as well. If you would like Lyle to wear a mask during the ceremony, it's no problem!