A Dark Comedy Feature (Six Episode Limited Series adaption also available) written by Lyle E Style


Logline: Wouldn’t it be nice to turn out just like the person you admired most? Yeah, Johnny thought so too. 


Don’t Bend For Coppers is the story of Johnny Kitsalano messed up with Pain (literally her name), Music (which was always there for him) and his Heroes (who turned out to be far from super). She told him they’d always be together. She didn’t lie. He just didn’t expect it would just be her memory always rattling around his head. Johnny paid attention to people no one should have paid much attention to and took enough bad advice from them to last two lifetimes. With a broken heart from lost love and the death of Old Man Steve (real photo shown below), Johnny was left picking up the pieces only to realize he had nothing left to lose, so he took a chance on music. He made his mark with an album in the charts, but at a cost far greater than any benefit. This quirky “beware of your heroes” story takes place in the 1960s to present day. 



Bio: What lies in this script is inspired by truth as experienced (in part) by Writer and Musician Lyle E Style who has spent decades struggling with the side-effects of having off-the-wall heroes of miserable old men and old country music outlaws who left him wanting more. It’s rare that a guy from Winnipeg gets to spend time with Waylon, Willie, Haggard and even Johnny Cash but he made it happen as an alternative country singer songwriter and author of the book “Ain’t Got No Cigarettes – Memories Of Music Legend Roger Miller”. He learned first-hand that heroes aren’t always who you thought they were and that the music industry can be cruel to those walking its path. Style has also worked in the film and television industry for over twenty- five years and has now developed this script inspired by what started as a concept album called “The Life and Deaths of Johnny Kitsalano”.


If you would like a copy of this script, please email lylesomething@gmail.com